3 simple ways to keep your fitness in check when on holidays

3 simple ways to keep fit on holidays

So you have decided to take a holiday or travel to a new and exciting destination.

Who really wants to think about exercising and healthy eating?

A holiday is a time to relax and restore your mind, body and soul so you really can and should take a break from your normal exercise routine.

However, the dilemma is how to enjoy yourself and not undo all your hard work with exercise and diet.

You can have a fabulous time and still come back without falling behind in your health and wellness routine.

3 simple ways to keep your fitness in check when on holidays

1. Be Active

Whether just a holiday by the beach or travelling to an exotic destination, it is surprising how much walking you do.  Keeping active whether it is sightseeing, swimming, hiking or walking will keep your fitness levels up.  My PT also has designed a quick workout that can be done in a small space if I’m really that keen!

2. Don’t have dessert at every meal

I know it is hard to resist all of the tempting food and why should we when we are on holiday?  The secret is to be selective of when you have dessert or that extra helping at the buffet.  Everything in moderation I say – so you can have your cake and eat it!

3. Sleep and restore

Part of a holiday is making sure your body and mind is restored.  This means getting a good sleep and taking time to relax.  Don’t try to see everything or do everything.  Incorporate some ‘down time’ into your holiday so you come home feeling refreshed.

Don’t make the mistake of coming home and feeling like you need a holiday!

Have a fabulous holiday and you won’t even feel guilty – you deserve it!

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15 thoughts on “3 simple ways to keep your fitness in check when on holidays

  1. Donna

    Great advice, Sue – I (usually) eat healthy meals, get regular exercise and a decent amount of sleep…when I am at home (without company). Add in company or holidays away and my routines all fall apart. Thanks for reminding us of these simple and doable strategies.

  2. Leanne | crestingthehill

    All the walking you do on holidays is definitely a bonus because you certainly get to eat a lot more food and a lot more often (especially on a cruise). Resisting the morning and afternoon tea offerings also helps keep the calories under control.

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      Yes I think the sightseeing if you do a lot of walking helps and if you are on a cruise there is always the deck where you can do walking laps to work off the yummy food.

  3. gigi

    Those are great tips Sue! And, its true,…getting enough sleep is a way to make sure you are well taken care of. Yes,…maybe a dessert every other day! (Ha, I say that now,…)!

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      It is hard to resist dessert I know Gigi that is why I make up for it with lots of walking and even a run at the gym on the ship. Have a fabulous week and lovely to hear from you as always. xx


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