Why You need to know what a Healthy Weight Range is

Know your healthy weight range15 February is the start of Healthy Weight Week in Australia and the statistics for overweight and obesity in adults AND children is not good!  As a society we need to take a good look at why the numbers look this way and what we can do about it.

Having a week to focus on healthy eating and exercise will help short term in educating people on what they need to do to lose weight.  However, we need to look at deeper issues and also realise that being healthy is a lifestyle not a fad.

The Obsession with Body Image & Weight

The world is obsessed with Body Image & Weight .  Unfortunately, the statistics are not good when it comes to obesity and a healthy weight range in adults.

Based on measured height and weight from the 2011–12 Australian Bureau of Statistics Australian Health Survey :

Almost 2 in 3 Australian adults (63%) are overweight or obese.Click To Tweet

We can all come up with different excuses for why we have gained weight and I know that there is a group in society that defends people who are overweight and even promotes that they look healthy and beautiful.

Obesity is not healthy! Being underweight is not health! We need to change our perceptions.Click To Tweet

We need to find a balance in our lives that will help us maintain a healthy weight range and still enjoy our lives.

So let’s stop with the EXCUSES and start really looking at why obesity is almost an epidemic!!

Why should we worry about our weight range?

Carrying excess weight is tiring but more importantly, being overweight or obsese are major risk factors for:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Musculoskeletal conditions

Apart from being a risk factor being overweight can affect  the way we control and manage these diseases.

What is a healthy weight?

Do you know what your healthy weight range is?

No I’m not talking about looking like a unrealistic super model!  I’m talking about a medically healthy weight range for our height and age.

You have probably heard about BMI which is body mass index as a way to assess your body weight.  It compares weight with height.  However there are other determining factors in measuring your body weight.  This link will explain that apart from BMI, waist circumference, age, body shape and hip to waist ration all play a part.


Ways to achieve a healthy weight range?

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Get a check up and discuss with your doctor

Make an appointment with your doctor if you have gained weight for no reason.  There could be an underlying health problem.

Accept that healthier eating is a lifestyle not a Diet fad.

We need to realise that we can’t keep putting off changing our diets to eat healthier if we want to maintain our weight and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

We need to make healthier choices and accept that it is a lifestyle.  Fad diets don’t work, they are short term and are not a healthy or sensible way to approach losing weight.

In my post Diet is a Dirty Word I explain why the word ‘diet’ in the sense of starving ourselves to lose weight should be banned from our vocabulary.


We need to take a holistic approach to maintaining our weight and include exercise in our diets.  In generations before when we were more active because we didn’t have ‘mod cons’ to do everything for us and we walked everywhere, weight management was not such a problem.

In today’s society we need to get off the couch and MOVE.  Reducing calorie intake is not enough we need to exercise regularly.

Just 30 minutes of exercise 3 – 4 times per week is all that is really required.

Get enough sleep

The National Sleep Foundation suggests a correlation with poor sleeping and obesity.  Being overweight can cause sleep apnoea which is affects breathing while you are sleeping and serious cases can be life threatening.

People who do not sleep well aren’t motivated to exercise because they feel tired.  In fact, exercise helps us to sleep better. However, we can fall into a cycle of not sleeping, not exercising and not sleeping and so on.

Some who have trouble sleeping are also more likely to snack late at night taking in extra calories.

Seek help

If you are struggling to lose weight even if you try, there could be underlying reasons for this.  Perhaps you have a medical condition you aren’t aware of.

Stress and anxiety can play a major part as some people find comfort in food.

There are ways to succeed in losing weight and keeping it off.  Why not make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your option?

Set an example

As a parent or grandparent it is our responsibility to set healthy examples for our children.  Obesity in children is increasing and we will have a generation who are chronically ill all because of being overweight.

Leading by example by healthy eating and regular exercise will encourage our children and grandchildren to lead healthier lives and live longer.

What is one thing you can do today to start a healthier lifestyle?

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19 thoughts on “Why You need to know what a Healthy Weight Range is

  1. Michele

    I didn’t realize that Australian had the same obesity problem as in the US. I have this image of Australians as being svelte outdoorsy types. I hired a nutritionist- I am working on it!

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      Yes Michele, it is a sad fact of life that I think most Western countries have this problem. Way to go you hiring a nutritionist – great idea. Good luck and let me know how you go.

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      Good for you Rev! I find it difficult if I just want to lose those last couple of pounds – they are usually the hardest to get rid of! Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week!

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      Exactly Jayne it isn’t about being skinny it is about being in a healthy weight range so that your body can function. Thanks for stopping by to comment and have a lovely day.

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      Hi Mary, it can be a struggle at times but we have to keep trying. Have a great week and I know you will do it. Come and visit #couchpotatotofabfit facebook group and we can give you some support.

  2. Monica Bruno

    Great post, Sue. I agree about making permanent lifestyle changes to maintain a healthy weight. I have never believed in “diets” because they are temporary, and the choices we make about the food we eat, and the exercise we do can not be temporary. Many people will go on a diet, lose weight and then go back to their bad habits and gain more weight than before.

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      Exactly Monica! Diets are short term so we need to just accept that if we want to be healthy we need to make healthier choices. Thanks for stopping by and commmenting. It is always lovely to hear from you.

  3. [email protected]

    I’m noticing how easily the weight can creep up now that midlife is upon me and I’m making a conscious effort to eat well and get a moderate amount of exercise every day to stop myself becoming a statistic. Thanks for the reminder Sue and thanks for sharing on our #OTM link up ~ Leanne

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      I know Leanne that is why I run. What you are doing is great eating healthy and exercising regularly that is all you need to do.

  4. Julie S.

    This is a wonderful post – there a lot of factors for a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle. Diets might help get you to a certain point in the short term, but a lifestyle change is what keeps you healthy. That’s something I’m trying to remember and focus on.

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      I’m so pleased you enjoyed the post Julie. Just focus on being healthy and happy and forget the diets that is my motto. Thanks for linking up and stopping by to comment.

  5. laura dove

    Wow I had no idea about Australia having weight issues the same as America, that’s quite surprising to me! Great post to encourage others to try and adopt healthier lifestyles, I personally may have a healthy BMI but I need to increase my fitness and improve my diet! Thanks for the reminder! #overthemoonlinkparty

  6. Aletha Oglesby

    This is important information Sue. Yes, not only has the incidence of obesity risen in the United States and Australia but even in countries which we typically call “developing”- as people in those nations adopt a Western style of eating, they also adopt our health consequences.
    Not only does obesity contribute to sleep apnea , we now believe that sleep apnea or even poor sleep in general causes obesity, by affecting the brain hormones that control appetite and metabolism. Some specialists recommend that all obese people have a sleep apnea evaluation.
    And thank you for mentioning obese children-they are often overlooked in discussions about obesity, but they also need identification and counselling.

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      Hello Aletha and thank you for visiting. Being obese has so many health problems apart from the mental health issues involved. I think that having an Obese child is a form of child abuse as the parents should be encouraging them to run around and enjoy life without the fast foods – unfortunately, I think it is a vicious cycle – the parents aren’t educated about a healthy lifestyle so they can’t teach the children.

  7. Lindsey

    Great post. I love that you point out BMI as an important factor. So many people focus on weight, but with how varied our bodies are it’s not really fair to compare. I’m pinning, stumbling and tweeting this. <3

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      Hi Lindsey! Thanks so much for doing all of that SM sharing for me. I think it is such an important message that we need to get out there. I fear for the next generation if they aren’t educated about a healthy lifestyle. Our bodies are all different and I don’t promote being ‘skinny’ just healthy but some people don’t understand what a healthy range is. Thanks for stopping by to comment and have a great day!


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