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Midlife Mental Health – Nourish Your Mind & Body

Midlife Mental health Nourish your mind and your body

What we eat can affect our physical and mental health.  Eating a healthy well balanced diet not only provides the energy we need to keep healthy but some foods actually help our ‘mood’. We need to nourish our mind and body for good mental health.   Top 5 foods to nourish our mind and body for good Mental Health Chocolate… Read more »

Midlife Mental Health -The Benefits of Mindfulness

Benefits of mindfulness and mental health

Do you find yourself often in a state of existing on ‘auto-pilot’?  Doing things without even realising you are doing them? When we are stressed or anxious or depressed or just wanting to cope with everyday life, the practice of being mindful can help. What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is based on Buddhist meditation principles and has been used in treatment… Read more »

How Exercise Improves Your Mental Health

Most of us accept that to keep physically fit and healthy we need to exercise regularly.  However, regular exercise will also improve our mental health and wellbeing and can reduce depression, stress and anxiety. How exercise improves your mental health and wellbeing When we exercise our brain releases the ‘happy hormone’ endorphins.  After exercise you are feeling a natural ‘high’… Read more »

Midlife Mental Health – Recognising the Warning Signs

Midlife Mental health recognising the warning signs

Midlife mental health is often affected by menopause but life in general can affect our mental state at any given time.  Mental illness affects 1 in 5 Australians, and according to SANE up to 45% of us will experience some form of mental illness during our lives. So how do we know if what we are feeling is normal or… Read more »

Sizzling Towards 60 Focus on Midlife Mental Health

Midlife Mental Health Week

As part of World Mental Health Day, I will be publishing a series of short posts on Midlife Mental Health  & Wellbeing each day for the next week.  Mental Health is such an important topic with 1 in 5 Australians suffering from mental illness.  Although being anxious is not limited to older people, studies show that as we age we… Read more »