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‘P’ is for Prioritize – Time to Prioritize Your Health & Happiness

P is for Prioritize

Okay!!!  Time to prioritize your health and happiness. I’ve said before we live in a busy world with pressures from all areas of our life wanting some of our time.  It is easy to forget about our health and we don’t consider it until we fall ill or we feel we just aren’t coping. It is time to put yourself… Read more »

‘O’ is for Organization – Time to Declutter your mind & your life

O is for Organization

  You know that drawer that everything gets thrown into? We all have one of those, I’m sure.  We get too busy to tidy up and the ‘junk drawer’ becomes overloaded to the point where you say ‘enough is enough’ and you FINALLY decide to tidy up and get rid of the clutter!  You may even have an ‘Oh I… Read more »

‘N’ is for Nourishment – It isn’t all about Food

N is for Nourishment

When I think of the word ‘Nourishment’ I immediately think of food; eating foods that provide nourishment and keep my body healthy. The Oxford Dictionary suggests that Nourishment means: ‘The food necessary for growth, health, and good condition’ We nourish our bodies but we also need to provide nourishment for our minds and our soul to achieve total overall health… Read more »

‘M’ is for Motivation – How to keep motivated when you just want to stay under the covers.

M is for Motivation

  What motivates you?  I asked several people recently and received completely different answers from each of them.  Some needed to be accountable, some needed to be reminded, some had to go back to their ‘why’ and some just wanted to fit into their jeans! It is so hard to stay motivated sometimes. Life gets in the way and we… Read more »

‘L’ is for Letting Go – Why you need to let go & accept before you can move forward

Letting Go

  Do you ever feel like something is holding you back from actually getting on with life?  Something gnawing away at the back of your mind or in your heart that just won’t let you go?  Something or someone holding you back from happiness? Most of us at some time in our life need to go through the process of… Read more »

‘K’ is for Knitting – How relaxation helps our mental & physical health

K is for Knitting

Now I suppose you are wondering why Knitting would be included in my A-Z Guide to a Healthier, Happier Lifestyle.  I can hear you thinking that whilst Knitting might exercise your hands, it can hardly be described as a hard core workout. However, if you have read my previous posts from ‘A – J’, you will see that my approach… Read more »

‘J’ is for Jumping Jacks and all things Cardio

Jumping Jacks and Cardio

Whether we like it or not the fact of life is that if we want to be healthy we have to MOVE! The way to keep your heart healthy is to include cardio into your workout program. A cardio workout is any form of exercise that elevates our heart rate and makes you breathe heavier.  Cardio is short for cardiovascular… Read more »

‘I’ is for Inner Child – The health benefits of releasing your inner child

inner child

When was the last time you really had FUN? Fun like you had when you were a child.   That innocent, simple enjoyment we experienced as children when using our imagination took us to new worlds. What about the simple joy of watching a sunset or stopping to appreciate a rainbow? Alas, we grow up and life takes over – responsibility… Read more »

‘H is for Health & Happiness’ – Why You Need Both

'H' is for health and happiness

Health and Happiness – two things that we strive for to make our lives complete.  Yes, I know that some would argue that you don’t necessarily need both – you can be happy or you can be healthy but for me, I honestly believe the two go ‘hand in hand’.  As the Dalai Lama says: “Happiness is the Highest form… Read more »

‘G’ is for Gratitude – How being Grateful is good for our Mental Health

'G' is for Gratitude

We hear a lot about being grateful these days.  There are even blog challenges to write about what we are grateful for each day, or month or year.  But has this term become overused?  I hope not! In my post ‘Start each day with a grateful heart’, I list 10 things I’m grateful for.  I also started the post by… Read more »