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5 New Year Quotes to Inspire You


A New Year with New Possibilities! I love this time of year as it is an opportunity to make changes in our lives.  We are still feeling high from the Festive Season and a New Year looms with all kinds of opportunity.  It is up to us whether we choose to open our minds and hearts to new opportunities or… Read more »

My New Year’s Eve Traditions

  Do you have any New Year’s Eve Traditions? I have and it just wouldn’t be New Year’s Eve without them. After the hustle, bustle and craziness of preparing for Christmas celebrations we have a few days in between to come back to earth. To me, this means relaxing with a good book, cutting back on the excesses of food… Read more »

My Christmas Wish for You

Christmas Wish

Well it is getting closer to the official Festive season and life is starting to become a blur. Christmas parties, gift buying, gift wrapping, decorating, baking and cooking up a storm. Before we get too caught up, I wanted to pause and take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for joining me on my journey this year. I… Read more »

17 things on my ‘to do’ list in 2017

17 things on my to do list for 2017

Well we are moving into 2017 and it will also be a big number birthday for me. If you read my blog last year, you would know that I’ve changed my mind about New Year Resolutions and I don’t make them anymore. If you want to know why I don’t think they are important just click here on the link…. Read more »

Enjoying the Festive Season as a blended or extended family

Blended family Christmas

Christmas and the Festive Season is such a happy time, however, it can also be stressful with all the planning and the number of people we have to catch up with. Why not just relax and make a few changes to make this time of year more enjoyable? Enjoying the Festive Season as a blended family is not always easy…. Read more »

Forget New Year Resolutions Why You need a LIFE PLAN instead

Life Plan

We are almost finished another year and most of us start thinking about the New Year, what it will bring and of course – ‘New Year Resolutions’.  Last year I wrote a post about why I don’t make New Year Resolutions anymore and perhaps neither should you.  You can click here if you would like to hear why. I recently… Read more »

Easy DIY Budget Gift ideas for the Festive Season

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DIY Budget Gift Ideas

Buying gifts becomes more difficult each year, we can spend hours trying to find the ‘right’ gift.  I’ve compiled a quick list of ideas for the person who has everything and also to add a personal touch.  Some of the ideas are just putting together a gift basket or gift box full of treats.  If you want to really go… Read more »

Make Giving the heart of your Festive Season


The Festive Season is always a time of celebration, family get-togethers, social catch ups and a whirl of activity.  It is so easy to become self-absorbed with our lives and the excitement of spending time with children, grandchildren and friends. However, there are those who are alone and perhaps forgotten at this time of year. They may be friends who… Read more »

Quick & Easy Festive Gift Ideas for Unexpected Guests

The Festive Season is fast approaching and I don’t know about you, but I always seem to have someone visit with a gift that I wasn’t expecting. I hate not having something on hand in this scenario so these days I wrap a couple of extra gifts just in case. The Festive Season can be stressful enough so take the… Read more »

How to Create Christmas Memories with Your Grandchildren

Create Christmas memories with your grandchildren

Creating Christmas Memories is a lovely way to teach children about tradition and the importance of family.  Children & Grandchildren are what make Christmas so special.  The excitement of building up to Christmas Day and perhaps what Santa will bring, the look of wonder when they see the Christmas lights. Now that I am a grandmother I want to continue… Read more »

Festive Season 2016 – For all things Festive

Festive Season 2016

It is almost the Festive Season 2016, that time of year when the end of another year seems to be hurtling towards us.  This year I’ve compiled my Festive Season Collection 2016 – for all things Festive.  These are posts all related to the Festive Season – some older posts, some new. You can save this link and revisit as… Read more »

My Aussie Christmas

My Aussie Christmas

The Festive Season in Australia in the 21st Century, means sun, sand, beach and cricket!  We are well into Summer when we celebrate Christmas and the New Year and it is the longest of the school holidays. For many years, we ate the traditional Roast Turkey with all the trimmings followed by plum pudding with custard even in 30C+ degree… Read more »