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Tips for maintaining a healthy weight range.

Pre-diabetes – Do I need to be concerned?


Do you know about Pre-Diabetes? I had heard about the problem of Diabetes but I had no idea that pre-diabetes was such a problem worldwide. I met Sally Jackson through my monthly contribution to the Millers Seeing Me Project.  Sally reached out to me and as she is also passionate about health we connected immediately, (although we live on the… Read more »

Do you really know how much you eat? Why you should keep a food diary

I recently started a 5 week online course through  It is about Nutrition and Wellness and is conducted through the University of Aberdeen.  Now I realise 3 hours each week for 5 weeks will not make me an expert.  However, I’ve always been interested in health and well-being and when I saw this course I thought ‘Why Not?’. Week… Read more »