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Friday Favourites: Revisiting ways to re-discover who you are

  Comparing ourselves to others is part of life but when we let that develop a poor self-image then we need to take a good look at who we are.  I’ve made July the month that we focus on YOU for 31 days and I think that part of that focus should be on looking at ways we can overcome… Read more »

Fit & Fabulous: 5 things to tick off your self-care list this week

5 things to tick off your self-care list this week

    This month my theme on the blog has been 31 days to focus on YOU  If you want to catch up you can click here to read through the posts so far. Today (if you haven’t already started), it is time to start ticking off some of the things that I listed on my 31 days of ideas,… Read more »

Tuesday’s tip: Are you making the most of each new day?

Making the most of each new day

  My Tuesday’s tip this week comes from a quote from Buddha’ and I’m also asking you ‘Are you making the most of each new day?. I loved the quote so much that I have it permanently in my email that is posted to my readers and also on the sidebar of my website. Hopefully you receive my ‘posts as… Read more »

Meaningful Mondays: Focus on what is important to you today

Focus on you today

It is July and this month on Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond it is all about putting the focus on YOU!  In my previous post 31 days to focus on YOU I outlined my plan for this month’s theme and the topics I would be writing about. Where is your Focus? Recently I read a post by Debbie Harris at… Read more »

Meaningful Mondays: 31 days to focus on YOU

31 days to focus on you

  Well we can’t put it off any longer – we are almost into July, officially at the midway point of another year.  How is your year going? Some of you are enjoying a long summer break whilst here in Australia we are snuggling up in Winter. The last couple of months I’ve been trying to write to a theme. … Read more »

Meaningful Mondays: Happiness Revisited – Guest Post by Donna Connolly

Happiness revisited

  I recently met  Donna Connolly from Retirement_Reflections and immediately knew that I wanted her to write a post about Happiness. I’ve only know Donna a short time but she is so upbeat and friendly that we ‘clicked’ straight away – although we live in different countries. That is what is so wonderful about blogging, you meet fabulous people from… Read more »

Friday Favourites: 5 quick tips to feeling happier

5 quick tips to feeling happier

  I’ve written that being happy is our choice and should come from within.  We make our own happiness and shouldn’t rely on others to ‘make us happy’.  Life is not always easy and being happy all the time is just not human really.  I do know some people who always appear happy and positive but I’m sure they have… Read more »

Self Awareness: 10 simple ways to be kinder to yourself – starting today

10 simple ways to be kinder to yourself today

Did you read my 4 quotes to encourage You to be kinder to yourself ? No? Then do yourself a favour and take five minutes to read these quotes which will hopefully inspire you to start treating yourself with more respect and kindness.  We spend time showing kindness to others but usually come up short when being kind to ourselves…. Read more »

Fit & Fabulous: 4 Ways to Get Back On Track When Life Gets In the Way

getting back on track with your fitness goals

  My week has been pretty mixed in all areas, so not feeling on top of the world. I’m not going to beat myself up though. We all have our up and down days but the important thing is to ACCEPT these times and then GET BACK ON TRACK. Part of a healthy lifestyle is accepting when things aren’t going… Read more »

Self Awareness: 4 Quotes to encourage You to be kinder to yourself

Quotes be kind to yourself

Want to know why you aren’t feeling fit and fabulous? Perhaps you are too busy being there for everyone but not taking the time to be kind to yourself? Whatever the reason, you need to make time for YOU to nourish your mind, body and soul.  Part of total well being is taking the time to nurture yourself. You can… Read more »

3 things You need that Money can’t buy

My husband and I are Pink Floyd Fans and one of my favourite songs is ‘Money’ which is about how society puts money above all else.  So when I saw this week’s writing prompt ‘What’s enough Money?’ from Denyse Whelan Blogs, I immediately thought do we ever have enough? Unfortunately, society places so much importance on money for comfort and… Read more »

Back to Routine – Does it have to be?

Back to Routine

  January is almost over and Christmas and the New Year festivities seem so far away.  I was reading my new blogging friend, Denyse Whelan’s blog and she has a weekly link up with a prompt for a post each week.  This week the prompt was ‘Back to Routine’.  Back to routine, of course we all feel this way… Read more »