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13 Essential Health and Safety Tips for Solo Female Travellers

healthy and safety tips for solo travel

More women are travelling solo these days and it isn’t just the younger generation!  Women of midlife no longer feel that they need to travel with a companion, however safety is still an important factor to be considered before taking off into the unknown. Sizzling Towards Sixty is pleased to announce their affiliation with Fast Cover Travel Insurance.  This post… Read more »

Maybe it’s time to press the reset button on your life.

time to press the reset button life.

It is almost halfway through the year and although I was determined not to make New Year Resolutions I concede that we all have dreams and goals we want to achieve.  However, life is busy and we can easily get caught on the ‘treadmill of life’. I was having a Personal Training session and my trainer told me to ‘set… Read more »

Find a swing and release your inner child

Somewhere a swing is missing you

  One of the options for this week’s Friday Reflections was to write about a chosen image. I look at this image of the swing and it brings back so many happy memories of my childhood.  Countless afternoons spent playing on my swing, singing at the top of my lungs (my poor neighbours).  Each afternoon after school I would come… Read more »

Between the Lines – Sizzling Towards Sixty

Over the last few months I have been involved in two series about Women and Midlife.  I am delighted to be part of the ‘Between the Lines’ series which is a project showcasing women of 50+ and their thoughts on blogging and midlife. The project is the brainchild of Katherine from Katherine’s Corner and each Tuesday for 10 weeks, Katherine… Read more »

What is the Best Mother’s Day Gift You Can Give?

Mother's Day

    For the last few months I have been to be writing articles for ‘The Seeing Me Project’ a great initiative set up by Millers Fashion.  Millers is a leading Australian fashion retailer and the aim of ‘The Seeing Me Project’ is to encourage and provide a voice for women 40+. The Woman of Midlife has much to offer… Read more »

Celebrating Midlife – I AM WOMAN Series

celebrating midlife

This week  I am honored to be writing a post for Michelle at Grammie Time for her I AM WOMAN series.   Michelle asked me to write about ‘womanhood in today’s culture, empowering other women, inspiring others, you can share personal tales or other women who have inspired you. A post that celebrates women in a positive and encouraging way. Focusing… Read more »

TRAVEL ALONE – A Way of self-discovery and self-awareness.

travel solo to re-discover yourself

  Do you like to travel alone?  I’m sure that most of us might find that idea a little over whelming, or perhaps scary, however this post may change your attitude to travelling solo. Through blogging I have met some wonderful women of midlife who are embracing this wonderful phase of life and taking all opportunities. I would love to… Read more »

April Fool’s Day! How I was caught big time!

It was about 10 years ago that I experienced my first major April Fool’s Day sting.  I was working in an office with 4 other ladies – all younger than me. Before I talk about how I was caught by an April Fool prank, I need to give you some background. Working with girls who were young enough to be… Read more »

Patrino Karnivale – A Greek Tradition

carnival greek

  I love hearing about traditions from other countries and this week I am pleased to introduce Mary from The Boondocks Blog to tell us about the Greek Tradition of Carnival or Patrino Karnavali as it is know in Greece. “Patrino Karnavali” is the biggest carnival event in Greece and has been part of history for 180 years.  Usually,  the… Read more »

Unlock the Secret & Make Your Dream a Reality

dream secret

Do you know the secret to making your dream a reality? The answer: It’s all about TIME! You CAN make your dream a reality by managing your time We know that to achieve anything you need to Commit and Plan.  Sometimes we have to make some sacrifices but these sacrifices are worth it when you DO achieve your dream and… Read more »