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Genealogy – DNA Testing

Did you know that you could find out more about you and your family history with DNA Testing?  You may also be able to find out possible health risks within your family background. In my interviews with Adel Firth-Mason, we have covered Genealogy – Growing Your Family Tree, Genealogy –  and in this third and final interview of the series… Read more »

Genealogy – Tips on Starting Your Journey of Discovering

Genealogy Tips for Finding where you came from

In my previous interview with Adel Firth-Mason, we learned of her passion for delving into the past of her family.  If you missed the interview just click here to read Genealogy – Growing Your Family Tree. Now Adel shares with us her tips on starting the journey of discovery and growing your family tree. Start the discussion Speak to family… Read more »

Genealogy – Growing your Family Tree


Genealogy – Have you seen the television program ‘Where Did I Come From’?  It is a fascinating journey back in time as a different guest each week explores their heritage.  Sometimes they are happy to have someone notorious in their past rather than just ‘normal’ people. Finding our roots, is something that perhaps does not become important to most of… Read more »

Discovering Your Passion After 60

Discovering your passion after 60

As I get closer to 60 it is great to know that life still gets better!  My guest writer this week is Molly Stevens, from Shallow Reflections.  I met Molly through a blogging group and just love her approach to life. Her writing is humorous, entertaining and always brings a smile or makes me laugh.  We need more writers like… Read more »

How to Find Happiness

How to Find Happiness

I recently met a fabulous lady, Kimberly Montgomery from and I am happy to introduce you to her today.  Kimberly has an energy and passion for life which shows through in her writing.  Her main purpose is to help us find Happiness and Joy in our lives and I’m excited to share and be an affiliate for her next… Read more »

Midlife Matters Series – Finding the extraordinary in your everyday ordinary

Finding the extraordinary in ordinary

My next guest writer for my Midlife Matters series is Wendy from The Art of “Why Not”?  I met Wendy through a blogging group and she and I just clicked although we live half a world away from each other.  I love Wendy’s attitude to life and also where she came up with the name for her blog.  You can… Read more »

How to have a Healthy Attitude in Midlife

Healthy Attitude to Midlife

Having a healthy attitude in Midlife is so important if we want to enjoy this wonderful phase of life.  This week, I would love to introduce to you another guest writer in my Midlife Matters series, Michelle from Grammie Time. Michelle is the picture of fitness, leading an active life and running after her adorable grandchildren.  In her article, Michelle… Read more »

My Life as a Mother Wolf

mother wolf

This week in my Midlife Matters series I would love to introduce you to Leanne Le Cras from Cresting the Hill.  Leanne and I met through blogging and have probably been sisters in another life I think! We both started our blogs roughly around the same time, we both blog about midlife and it’s crazy, wonderful adventure, we are both… Read more »

Why Play is Important: Connecting the Dots with Leisure

Let children play

Last week I wrote about How Midlife does not have to be a crisis but rather it can be a positive experience if we have the right attitude.  I also mentioned that I would be introducing women experiencing midlife and I’m delighted to have introduce our first guest, Terri Webster Schrandt from Second Wind Leisure Perspectives. Terri is a women… Read more »

Should you give up alcohol when going through menopause?

how alcohol affects menopause symptoms

Menopause presents many changes in our bodies and also raises questions in our minds.  This week, I’m delighted to present a guest, Ella James who has written about drinking Alcohol during menopause. Now, some of the points Ella raises you probably won’t like – because let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy a vino (or drink of your choice) at the… Read more »

Time to Follow Your Dreams – Retiring to Another Country Pt2

Retiring to another country 2

  Last week we met Gigi Whitford who had retired to France with her husband.  I hope you enjoyed reading about her experience as much as I did.  I’m packing my bags now! This week in Part 2 of Retiring to Another Country, Gigi explains how she coped with learning a new language and also outlines her 10 top tips… Read more »