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Menopause – “Hormones, alleviating the confusion”

Hormones, Alleviating the confusion

Last week I was excited to bring you a new series of Guest Posts from Dr Catherine Hansen on the subject of Menopause.  It appears that we are all trying to find ways to cope with this phase of our lives in the best way possible.  Some of us find it easier than others. This week I’m bringing you Part… Read more »

Menopause – What is Happening To Me?

Menopause series Part 1

Are you showing signs of menopause?  The hot flushes, night sweats, hormones all over the place – sound familiar? I am honoured to bring you a 5 Week Series on Menopause by Dr Catherine Hansen, who specializes in Women’s Health, in particular peri and post-menopausal women. As Dr Hansen says: “My approach to Health Care promotes personal happiness by targeting… Read more »