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Over 50s Midlife Lifestyle all things related to midlife and beyond.  Midlife Matters so make the most of being Over 50 and beyond.  Midlife is such an exciting time.  The children have flown the nest and it is now YOUR TIME to live your life the way you want to.  Don’t be held back by the thought of age, grab life with both hands and start living.  Tips on enjoying an Over 50s Midlife lifestyle including fashion, beauty, travel, inspiration and motivation as you Sizzle Towards 60 & Beyond.  Don’t want to miss a post?  Subscribe to and receive a free E-Book – ‘From Couchpotato To Fab Fit’.


Meaningful Mondays: 31 days to focus on YOU

31 days to focus on you

  Well we can’t put it off any longer – we are almost into July, officially at the midway point of another year.  How is your year going? Some of you are enjoying a long summer break whilst here in Australia we are snuggling up in Winter. The last couple of months I’ve been trying to write to a theme. … Read more »

My Winter Bucket List

I’ve heard of the Bucket List where we make a list of all the things we want to do before we die.  However, my friend Leslie from Once Upon A Time & Happily Ever After, Life After Retirement suggested I take part in a seasonal bucket list.  That’s right a bucket list of things I would like to do for… Read more »

5 Women Over 50 share their favourite health & wellness tips

5 Women over 50 share their tips on health and wellness

  I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS POST! I’ve written much about health and wellness for Over 50s and this week I’d love to introduce 5 ladies who are definitely Sizzling!  I asked each of them to share their favourite health & wellness tips as part of my Health & Wellness Month for June. I’ve been fortunate to meet these… Read more »

How having a purpose in life is the key to Health & Happiness in Retirement

I WAS RECENTLY ASKED TO CONTRIBUTE A POST TO RETIREMENT AND GOOD LIVING I would love you to visit the site and check out my post.  At the same time you might want to read some of the other articles.  If you could leave a comment there, I would greatly appreciate it. HERE IS A LITTLE TEASER FROM THAT POST:… Read more »

How showing kindness improves your health & wellness

Recently my Mother-in-Law’s Aged Care Home held a mini fete to raise funds for Downs and West Community Appeal run by the Sisters of Charity. There was feverish activity over the last few months as residents formed a committee, organised the day and made items to be sold. The staff at Marycrest are wonderful and try to include as many… Read more »

A writing challenge: A sentence a day for May

a sentence a day

Can you believe it is May?  It only seemed like yesterday I was putting up the Christmas decorations! For the month of April I took the challenge of writing a sentence a day and now I’ve decided to try it again for May.  If you missed my post for April you can read it at A writing challenge: A sentence… Read more »

Meaningful Mondays: Happiness Revisited – Guest Post by Donna Connolly

Happiness revisited

  I recently met  Donna Connolly from Retirement_Reflections and immediately knew that I wanted her to write a post about Happiness. I’ve only know Donna a short time but she is so upbeat and friendly that we ‘clicked’ straight away – although we live in different countries. That is what is so wonderful about blogging, you meet fabulous people from… Read more »

Meaningful Mondays: Happiness starts with you

Happiness starts with you

Happiness starts with you Did you know that? MAY has been my month to focus on happiness and what I’ve reminded myself is that Happiness cannot come from material things, or from other people. It is up to ME because long term happiness comes from within and the choices we make. Widipedia defines Happiness as: Happiness is a mental or… Read more »

Meaningful Mondays: Celebration of Happiness Month

Celebration of Happiness

If you read my blog you will know that I’m making May my month of happiness. We should find happiness in our lives each day and not just for a month. However, sometimes life is busy or we are feeling down and we just can’t summon that uplifting feeling. I’m like that – what about you? So I’ve decided now… Read more »

Friday Favourites: Revisiting My Favourite Mother’s Day posts

Mother's Day

  This Sunday is Mother’s Day and I’ll be spending the morning running with my daughter in the Mother’s Day Classic in memory of my Mum who died from breast cancer 30 years ago. I’ve written a few posts this week and in previous years around the Mother’s Day theme.  As part of my Friday Favourites, I wanted to revisit… Read more »

My Mother’s Day Morning Tradition

My Mother's Day Morning Tradition

  Mother’s Day is the one day when most Mums will hopefully be able to sleep in and perhaps be  spoilt and appreciated by her children with breakfast in bed. As my children are adults and my daughter is also a Mum, breakfast in bed hasn’t really happened for me in a long time.  Although, I do remember when they… Read more »

The best thing about being a grandmother – 6 grandmothers share their thoughts.

  In my previous post The Best thing about being a grandmother, I shared my thoughts on the subject and how much joy and love I have found experiencing life through my grandson’s eyes. As Mother’s Day is in May, I asked several grandmothers what the best thing about being a grandmother is.  I just loved doing this post and… Read more »