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Midlife Matters: Do you really need to reinvent yourself?

Midlife Reinvent yourself

I’ve just written my last article in for Millers, Seeing Me Project – August the month of Midlife Matters.  Over the last five weeks, I’ve written about how to make Choices in our life, what Health Checks we need in Midlife, Exercise and Diet.  We have taken a Self-Discovery Tour and found ways to Challenge ourselves out of our Comfort… Read more »

6 Quick Ways to Find Your Balance in Life Now!

  My word for 2016 was Balance. Trying to find the Balance in my life which seemed to be spinning out of control. In this month’s feature article which I have written for Miller’s The Seeing Me Project I concentrate on 6 quick ways we can find balance in our life right now. You can also get to know me… Read more »

Hate Shopping? You need to read this!


Call me strange, but I DO NOT LIKE SHOPPING, especially for clothes.  In fact, I think shopping for clothes is akin to Chinese Water torture!  Perhaps I was born without the ‘retail therapy’ gene? Recently, Lauren from  Millers Fashion ‘The Seeing Me Project’, asked me to visit one of their stores and write an article about my experience.  My first… Read more »