Confessions of a Social Media Junky

social mediaI’m addicted! Ok, I’ve said – I’m addicted to Social Media.

The Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the world of hashtags have become the ‘go to’ communication of choice in this hectic life we live.

I have embraced them all (probably a little too enthusiastically at times – or so my children tell me!). I talk to my husband and if we don’t know something I say “don’t worry I’ll just google it!”

So do you think I’m addicted?


How to tell if someone is addicted to Social Media?

  • they open their eyes and immediately reach for the smartphone to check their social media
  • they know how many followers, likes and comments they have
  • they have to use instagram for almost any event – everyone does don’t they?
  • they have pinterest boards about pinterest boards
  • they know how to post once across many social mediums
  • they constantly change their status on facebook
  • they check their social media at least every 5 minutes in case there is a new ‘like’ or even better a ‘friend request’
  • they get excited at the prospect of who might have left a comment
  • they can do almost anything while simultaneously checking their newsfeed
  • they know what has happened before it has happened

Ok, ok, I think I have confessed to MOST of the above – Now is the time for you to confess – come on its time to fess up.  How many of the above did YOU tick off?

Most of us have at one time or another woken up and grabbed their smartphone to see how many ‘likes’ or ‘friend requests’ they have on ‘Facebook’, who has ‘tweeted’ what, what new photos are on ’Instagram’ and what people have ‘pinned on Pinterest’.  Or is that just me?   Oh my goodness I don’t think there is hope for me!

I’m trying to have a social media free day each week although haven’t decided what day yet LOL 🙂

Yes, I know that nothing beats a good old fashioned ‘face to face’ conversation or telephone call, however realistically in today’s hectic world, technology can provide a quick and easy way to still keep in touch.

[bctt tweet=”A quick text or post on Facebook can remind friends and family that you are thinking of them.”]

 If someone ‘likes’ one of my posts I feel good, it shows they care enough to click the ‘like’ button and it also makes me pause and think of them.

Facebook is a favourite of mine as I love to connect with family and friends. I have reconnected with family and also school friends who I had lost touch with and it’s great to see what they are doing. It is a great way for people who are confined to home through illness or live in isolated places to keep in touch with the world.

Again as long as we don’t over use the medium and try to keep the posts meaningful then I think it’s great. Remember what is put into cyberspace, stays in cyberspace for all to see.

I’m sure we have all been guilty when first using facebook to post about everything including what we had for breakfast!!

When my gorgeous grandson was born, his parents asked that we not post to facebook. “What???? I’m a grandmother we have to post photos to facebook!” I had posted photos of all my other grandchildren and thought this was very strange. Again another learning experience for me – not everyone wants to be a public person and live their lives through social media.

This doesn’t mean that they won’t post to facebook, but in their own time and for special occasions and also to avoid overexposure. I respect their wishes and at least my grandson won’t be turning 21 and being embarassed by photos his parents had posted thinking they were cute but in hindsight very embarrassing.

In fact, future employers are now checking facebook profiles as part of the decision making process so be careful what selfies you post! You are leaving a digital footprint for all time which is a combination of everything you post and also not just restricted to those you know. Here is a great link especially for children explaining the consequences of what you post

Twitter and Instagram introduce you to the world of hashtags – I didn’t know what they were until recently and had to ask my children what they were. I have only just started using these because of my blog and joining twitter.

The internet provides instant access to information – some sources reliable and others not so reliable. Like everything there are those that will abuse or use it in sinister ways such as cyberbullying and the underworld of ‘Groomers’ or ‘online predators’ who are a threat to our children. However, there are steps we can take to protect our loved ones.

The key is BALANCE between utilizing and checking social media and leaving your smartphone switched off and having time away to enjoy life.

[bctt tweet=”The New Age of Social Interaction is here to stay so don’t fight it – use it wisely. “]

I am happy to say I am addicted to Social Media!



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12 thoughts on “Confessions of a Social Media Junky

  1. Tara Schiller

    I am one of those people who gets HIGHLY offended if someone posts pictures of my children or myself without asking me first. Even though I blog and share a lot of personal information, I choose what I want to post, so I totally get it. I love when others share what I have posted, however, and there are many things about social media that are addicting and wonderful. (I am particularly drawn to Twitter lately.)

    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. sue Post author

      Yes I didn’t appreciate my daughter’s attitude at first but then I realized that she was quite correct and I respected her for holding her ground when everyone was saying ‘why haven’t you posted the birth on FB?, why aren’t you posting photos of the baby?’. Social media certainly has its pros and cons. Since I joined a few FB blogging pages I’ve learnt that there is more than FB and am trying to use twitter and pinterest more. Thanks for commenting and have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Joanne T Ferguson

    It used to be Big Brother was watching via the futuristic sci-fi of Orson Wells Sue! Now, EVERYONE is watching EVERYTHING and I do have to admit, I think I am addicted to the internet too as there is ALWAYS something to see, learn or do!
    Great reference re children and consequences…Pinned and shared!

    1. sue Post author

      Hi Joanne I think the secret is how we use the technology. I’m always learning something new. Thanks for sharing and commenting. Happy blogging!

  3. Wendy

    I must confess…I am addicted.
    You have pointed out some great pros, and some real cons in this article, Sue. My sister didn’t want any pics of her children on FB for a while, so I had to crop them out of photos. I always felt bad about that because the rest of the family was there), but I certainly understood. My husband has always been a little FB shy as well, and I had high school friends wondering if we were still married because they never saw me post about him. 🙂 The more I listen to podcasts and read about social media for my blog, the more I realize just how much FB actually knows about you, and I must admit, it is downright freaky! Case in point, yesterday I placed an online order; today, every single site I have visited (FB, blogs, everything!) has had an ad for that retailer! I’ve noticed it before, but not paid a lot of attention until learning just how precisely they can target an online audience. Big Brother, indeed! Not that I’ll stop using social media, just need to remember! 🙂

    1. sue Post author

      Hi Wendy, yes I usually ask my daughter if its okay to post family shots like Christmas etc and she is okay with that as long as it isn’t all the time. We do have to respect how others feel it is just I love to share my happy times with others. I didn’t realize about the advertising I’ll watch out for that not that we can do much about it I suppose. Like you I’ll still be using social media as I love the interaction. I have met some lovely people through FB and also blogging! Thanks for the comment and have great weekend 🙂

  4. Mackenzie Glanville (

    I really enjoyed this post because you had some serious points mixed in with a bit of humour. I loved that you don’t know yet which day to have free of social media. Sounds like you are addicted in the best possible way though! I only went on social media when I started blogging last November. So even Facebook is pretty new to me. I am careful about what I post but not as fearful as what I used to be. Thanks for linking up with ##Fridayreflections threw in an extra # just for you xxoo

    1. sue Post author

      Well I find it a great way to keep in touch with people and I do realize the downside of it all. Thanks for the opportunity to post and the extra # I feel very special LOL:)

  5. Janine

    Haha all of this is so true and I’m cringing to admit that I’m still more of an addict than I admitted in my own post…it creeps up on me! Its hard also being a social media manager for clients. I mean, I live and breathe this stuff! It’s the connection I love.

    1. sue Post author

      Oh Janine a girl after my own heart. Cringing but loving it that is me too! I love the connection as well and I’ve met some lovely people who I never would have if it wasn’t for SM. Thanks for the comment and the opportunity to link up with #FridayReflections.

    1. sue Post author

      Glad you enjoyed it Sandy! It was a little ‘tongue in cheek’ but I am pretty hooked. Thanks for the comment and have a lovely day.


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