Isn’t it Time You Embraced Your Inner Child?

Have you seen the Colouring Books that are supposedly the ‘latest thing’ in relieving stress?  I used to adore colouring-in as a child and was so pleased when my ‘Secret Santa’ gave me a Colouring Book and pencils for Christmas.  I love sitting down with my grandchildren, colouring in, keeping within the lines and for a short time we are in a different world.

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This week, one of our #FridayReflections prompts was asking the question: ‘Why is it important to embrace your inner child?’  Put simply, we should never forget to have FUN no matter what age we are.

I used to love our backyard swings.  I would sit on my swing for hours and sing at the top of my voice – poor neighbours – but I was carefree and happy.  Each time I see a swing today, it warms my heart.

Enjoy life

Spending time with children is a great way to bring out your inner child.Click To Tweet

I’ve had the wonderful experience over the last two years of spending one day each week with my darling grandson.  I have watched him develop and at each stage it has made me realise how wonderful and simple childhood can be.  I have come to appreciate sitting and watching lizards or ants or looking up at the sky to see what shapes the clouds are.  I love singing with him and the best thing about grandchildren is that you can give them your time.  I saw the joy in his eyes the first time he saw bubbles floating in the air – it is a memory I will treasure.

It has taken these experiences to reinforce in my mind how grateful I am for life but also how sometimes we can all get caught up on the ‘treadmill of life’ and forget how to have FUN and find enjoyment in the simple things life has to offer.

We have become so programmed to be BUSY with day-to-day life that we are coming to a point where there is NO MORE FUN or ENJOYMENT.  We only have ourselves to blame as we strive for the more materialistic side of life rather than taking time to ‘just be’ and enjoy.

Children can teach us so much:

  • They are fearless
  • They are inquisitive
  • They want to learn
  • They have imagination
  • They find joy in the simplest of things
  • They are carefree
  • They are honest with their feelings
  • They have big dreams

We still have that inner child within us all, however as we get older sometimes unfortunately, the child is pushed further inside because of responsibilities or issues we may have carried from childhood.  We don’t like change, we let the worries of our world weight us down.

We become disillusioned and our life becomes drab, dull and routine.  Sometimes, we feel that to bring out our inner child would not be considered ‘appropriate’.  We are fearful of what others might think or say.

Some of us become ‘grumpy old women and men’Do you want to be like that?  I certainly don’t!

Don't stop playing

When was the last time you had a good belly laugh?

Laughter is so good for us.  It helps to relieve stress and makes us feel good!  Do you know they even have ‘laughter groups’ now because of the benefits laughter brings to our mental health.

The Inner Child will help your Mental Health

We all hear about the increase of poor mental health in society because of the pace of life and expectations placed upon us.  It can be overwhelming.  Finding your Inner Child and doing fun, positive activities will help you mentally as well as physically.

My Inner Child keeps my attitude young, energetic and vital! 



Don't be afraid to let your inner child shine through - embrace it!Click To Tweet

What is something you loved doing as a child? Don’t be afraid! Re-visit that time and do it again.  So what if you feel silly – it is all about having FUN!

We all have an inner child – time to let them come out and play!


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25 thoughts on “Isn’t it Time You Embraced Your Inner Child?

  1. [email protected]

    embracing that uninhibited, fun side of ourselves is something we seem to forget to do. We get so caught up in the daily business of living and then miss out if we don’t take a little time out to enjoy ourselves. I can’t wait to have grandchildren to keep me young – and in the meantime I’ll focus a bit more on my inner grandchild!

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      You will certainly find your inner child when your granddaughter comes along Leanne. I am so excited for you!

  2. Sandy Mangis

    We should never stop playing. I am the kind of person always looking for the new adventure. Since I found my blogging career, it has opened so many new doors.

    Don’t make yourself old. Stay young and active.

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      Oh I love your spirit Sandy! We are like-minded it appears and I agree that blogging has certainly made a big difference to my life. It is all about making the most of what we have and remembering to have some FUN! Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

  3. Krista

    Some really good advice. I am guilty. Yet I watch my granddaughter in wonder sometimes at the joy she gets out of small things. She also like to sing at the top of her lungs. Its so adorable.

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      We are all guilty of forgetting to have FUN Krista, but our grandchildren can certainly change that. They are so adorable aren’t they – carefree and full of life it is wonderful. Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely weekend.

  4. Wendy

    Oh my goodness, the SWINGS!! As I read your words, I could feel that sensation of flying as high as the swing would go. That was always my very favorite thing to do on the playground. I also admit that I would always get on the swings when I took my daughter to the park. One day I hope to have a large tree in my backyard with a swing. 🙂 In the meantime, the teenagers I teach help me embrace my inner child on a daily basis. On the first day of school, I have them sit in a circle and read “Winnie the Pooh” out loud to them while they eat homemade chocolate chip cookies (even teenagers can learn a lot from that silly little bear!). When a high schooler posts about their literature class on social media (in a positive way 🙂 ), you know you’re being kid enough, haha!

  5. Julie S.

    Such a wonderful post! I definitely agree, spending time with my baby and watching him run around and experience everything with fresh, excited eyes really brings that out in me too.

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      Thank you Julie! I could sit and watch my grandson play all day. There is always something new to discover through his eyes. Thanks for stopping by and continue to enjoy life with our little one.

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      Thank you Mackenzie! You always make me feel good about my writing. Thank you for your continued support and friendship.

  6. Life Loving

    Spending time with kids very much does that. Especially if you are like me and don’t have any. You have endless amounts of patience and it is great to see the world through their eyes. Kids have a lot more fun than adults and can find simple pleasures. Lucky them!

    Sally @ Life Loving

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      I know Sally, I just love spending time with my 2 year old grandson. Being a grandparent certainly gives you the luxury of spending quality time with them. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

  7. laura dove

    Great post, I love the quotes you have shared. It’s so important to embrace your inner child, with three little ones I find that I do it every day and it’s liberating and enjoyable at the same time! #overthemoon

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      Hi Laura, little ones are certainly great to bring out the inner child. As I wrote, I love spending time with my 2 year old grandson he brings such joy and makes me stop and enjoy life. thanks for stopping by and enjoy your beautiful children!

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      Thanks for the shares Marilyn! I like the name of your post must check it out – I love Chocolate and I love Peanut Butter – recipe made in heaven. Have a great week!

  8. yvonne

    I spend so much time rushing about trying to get everything done that I sometimes forget to stop and enjoy the simple things in life and embrace my inner child. I have to remind myself sometimes to stop and look at that flower my little one is so fascinated by, or to think of a story about the bird we see in the garden. xx #overthemoon

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      I know Yvonne, we are all guilty of that. Thanks for stopping by and also for linking up with us at #OvertheMoon.

  9. Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    This is so true, my kids laugh at me cause at times I’m such a nerd, singing and dancing and making funny jokes. At least they are funny to me, they roll their eyes. But it helps keep me young, even as I age. I don’t want to be a grump!


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