Tuesday’s Tip: Grab a friend and enter a fun walk or run



I’ve decided to introduce a new category into Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond.  I call it Tuesday’s Tip.  Each Tuesday I will be sharing a tip to help you be fit, fabulous, healthier and happier.  It might be an inspiring or motivational tip or something I’ve read that you might be interested in.

My first Tuesday’s Tip is based around friendship and doing something that is good for your health & wellbeing.  I’ve written before about the Top 5 benefits of having an exercise buddy.

So Grab a friend or your family and enter a fun walk or run!

City2South Fun Walk

If you follow my blog, you would have heard about my ‘Saturday Sisters’, ladies that I have run with for the last 7 years and who have become so much more than running buddies.  We have built a strong friendship while at the same time supporting each other to be fit, healthy and happy.

Each year we enter fun runs or walks as a way to keep us motivated and working towards a goal.

Now, before you say ‘Oh I don’t run’  LET ME SAY THAT IT IS A FUN RUN OR WALK.  That means getting out and being involved.  You don’t have to run, you can walk or dance if you want to.   There are usually different events with longer or shorter courses – something for everyone.

The benefits?

  • you are out in the fresh air with friends,
  • exercising and improving your fitness and mental health
  • supporting a charity or worthwhile cause

I love that anyone can join in and I’ve seen all ages participate – even Mums with strollers, so if you can walk there are no excuses I’m afraid not to take part.  Most even give you a participation medal – now that is enticing!

Last Sunday, we ran in the 14km City2South run/walk.  Now this is a difficult one for us because it is quite hilly and there is a killer hill at the end!

There were various bands stationed along the way, playing music and I love that people come out to support and cheer everyone along.  It really is a party atmosphere.

After each run, the Saturday Sisters enjoy a celebratory breakfast and after the 14km I was ‘starving’!!!


The Saturday Sisers have a very special friendship and to quote my friend Caz:

Go Saturday Sisters!  It’s a very unique, special (& sometimes crazy) thing we have and do. Thank you both for this morning and on to the next crazy challenge we go!


So why not grab a friend, check out a fun walk that perhaps your favourite charity is linked to and enter?

You can then train together and work towards the event.  Not only will you get fitter but your friendship will strengthen AND you can enjoy nature at the same time as helping a worthy cause.

Let’s Keep Sizzling!

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10 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tip: Grab a friend and enter a fun walk or run

  1. Debbie

    Great tip Sue. Being a part of a group sounds like a lot of fun. Well done on a great effort and for eating all that breakfast 😊

  2. Leslie

    Holy smokes, 14K? Fabulous!! I am looking forward to another 5K in the near future. Need to get this bit of traveling behind me and then hope to start running again.

    You and your Saturday sisters are impressive.

  3. Margaretha

    I love this idea. Running with friends is much more fun than running alone and it is so much easier to stay motivated. Running/walking in a fun run even more so, especially if one can raise money for a charity.


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