How to Relieve Restless Leg Syndrome

relestless leg syndromeHow do you relieve restless legs?

Do you suffer from leg cramps or restless, ‘twitchy’ legs especially at night?

As a runner, I regularly suffer from this and it can be frustrating and annoying.  I look forward to hopping into bed, especially in the cooler months and relaxing.  Five minutes later and the dreaded restless legs start and relaxation and a good night’s sleep goes out the door.  Usually I have to stand up and walk around to bring some relief.

According to Better Health, “Around five out of every 100 people will experience RLS at some time. Usually both legs are affected, but it is not uncommon to experience the unpleasant sensations in only one leg. The symptoms can be mild, moderate or severe. In severe cases, the person may be unable to sleep.”

Restless Leg Syndrom or RLS as it is known is quite common and no one knows what causes the condition, however Iron deficiency is an important factor.

If you suffer from this annoying condition here are 5 Tips to alleviate the symptoms

1.  Exercise

Try to exercise everyday earlier rather than later in the day is the best time. A 30 minute walk will not only keep you healthy but help alleviate symptoms.  The exercise should be gentle and not too strenuous.

2. Relaxation

Use relaxation techniques to relieve muscle tension and stress.  Practices such as yoga provide good relaxation techniques.  Take a warm bath, read a book or meditate before bed to relax not just your muscles but also your mind.

3. Stretching & Massage

Simple, gentle stretching exercises before bed will help the muscles to relax.  Massage your muscles with a soothing oil.

4. Hot or Cold Packs

Use a hot or cold pack on your calf muscles to provide relief.

5.  Vitamin Supplements

B6, Iron, Magnesium or Folic Acid deficiencies can cause RLS.  Talk to your G.P. who could run some blood tests to see if you are deficient in anything, before you spend money on supplements.

This article from Better Health provides details of RLS, the symptoms, possible causes and treatments.


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16 thoughts on “How to Relieve Restless Leg Syndrome

  1. Katie

    My mom and grandma SWEAR by sleeping with a bar of soap. I know it sounds crazy — my mom was very reluctant. But she now swears by it.

    1. sue Post author

      Oh Teresa it is so annoying isn’t it! I don’t have to take anything for it so yours must be pretty bad. TAke care and thanks for your comment. I hope it improves.

  2. [email protected]

    I have not been diagnosed with it but I know I have it. It is not just annoying it is frustrating to deal with. Thanks for the tips. I will have to try them.

    1. sue Post author

      I haven’t either Maria but I know the symptoms and yes I have them. I hope the tips will help you. Have a great day and thank you!

  3. Natasha in Oz

    That is really interesting information but the reader comment about sleeping with a bar of soap is definitely worth investigating. These old fashioned remedies are often the best!

    Thanks so much for the informative post. Have a fabulous week.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

    PS thanks for hosting the linky party too!

    1. sue Post author

      I know Natasha I hadn’t heard of sleeping with a bar of soap. After doing the Stadium Stomp with 5,000 stairs yesterday I certainly needed more than a bar of soap last night LOL! Sometimes I think it is a shame the old remedies become forgotten so its good to hear about them through these forums. I’m glad you enjoy the link party and look forward to reading more of your posts. Have a great day and thanks for commenting!

  4. Amy

    The massage definitely helps. And I think regular exercise should help with some of the relief as well. Great list of suggestions. Thanks for sharing. #ConfessionsLinkUp

    1. sue Post author

      Yes I try them all because of running I do suffer. Thanks for your comment and have a great weekend.

    1. sue Post author

      Yes it is annoying! I mainly get it after a long run and its not chronic for me. Thanks for commenting and co-hosting #WednesdaysWisdom

  5. Terri Webster Schrandt

    Sue, these are great tips! I have had mild RLS since my 20s! and it runs in my family. Usually sleep takes care of the problem!

    1. sue Post author

      Thanks Terri. It usually takes me a while to get to sleep when I have a bout of RLS. I didn’t realize it could be genetic. Thanks for the comment


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