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Hello everyone! I’m a Midlife Blogger, Sue Loncaric, I’m Sizzling Towards Sixty & Beyond and I’m all about Positive Ageing!

Midlife blogger Sue Sizzling Towards Sixty & Beyond

Have you reached midlife and feel a little jaded?

Feel there is more to your life, but just not sure what YOUR PURPOSE is anymore?

Then you have come to the right place!  I help and encourage women in midlife to belive that Age is Just A Number and we can all learn to reach our full potential.

This is one of my favourite quotes….. and I like to make things happen!

Let's Make It Happen

Midlife can be a wonderful phase of our lives – sure we have menopause but hey LIFE IS TOO SHORT not to be LIVING OUR LIFE being  fit, active and having fun!

So join me as we journey through midlife, reach our full potential and Sizzle Towards 60 & beyond.

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Grab a cup of coffee or tea or even a vino and learn a little more about me…….

I’m a 50’s something (although I think I’m still 30) and instead of Struggling towards the BIG 60, I’m going to Sizzle to 60 & way beyond because life is there to be lived!

Midlife blogger Sue Sizzling Towards Sixty & Beyond

I’m married with a blended family. I have two beautiful children and a gorgeous grandson and three beautiful grandchildren on my husband’s side. I enjoy keeping fit & healthy, spending time with family & friends and travelling.

Midlife blogger Sue Sizzling Towards Sixty & Beyond

I love to run and started at 50. – I ran my first full marathon 42.2km at 55. Since retiring a couple of years ago, I have become a small business coach, have bookkeeping contracts and have also started to build websites for small business. So I suppose I’m not really retired – just have more flexibility in my life!

I love to work out with my husband, Mike and keep fit and fabulous together.

Midlife blogger Sue Sizzling Towards Sixty & Beyond

I love connecting with people – I love helping people realise their full potential and I’d like to think my page will encourage not only people of my age demographic but all ages to be THE BEST YOU CAN BE!

I love living near the beach and enjoying the healthy lifestyle.

Midlife blogger Sue Sizzling Towards Sixty & Beyond Midlife blogger Sue Sizzling Towards Sixty & Beyond

I love sharing my ‘experiences’ in midlife(‘the use of the word ‘journey’ is so yesterday ! :)) Including articles of interest in the areas of HEALTH and WELLBEING and how you LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF  to REACH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL so you can enjoy this exciting phase of your life!

I have had articles published by Millers ‘The Seeing Me Project’ and ‘Midlife Boulevard‘ as well as writing guest posts for Second Wind Leisure Perspectives, Grammie Time, Dr Catherine Hansen and Robyn Follette.

I hope that you will enjoy reading my posts and welcome any ideas or thoughts that you have or topics that you would like to know more about.

We can all Sizzle and have a bit of fun and at the same time MAKE THE CHANGE TO A MORE ACTIVE, VITAL AND HAPPY LIFESTYLE

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Join our #couchpotatotofabfit community to keep active and healthy.

Let’s Keep Sizzling!





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