Liebster Award – I was Nominated!

Liebster Award – I was Nominated! WOW!!! AND DOUBLE WOW!!  That was my reaction when the lovely Kathleen from ‘Lifestyle Building Blocks’  nominated me for this encouraging award – the Liebster Award.  Kathleen has been a wonderful support to me providing generous and helpful information during my first few months as a blogger.  Her Friday Blog Booster Party Link Up has provided… Read more »

Anything Goes #4

It’s that time again…it’s Monday and Anything Goes! That’s right party friends you can link up any family friendly post! Have a post you want to give more reach? Need some comments or shares? Want one close to going viral takeoff? Now is the time to link it up! We comment and pin and share EVERY link you leave! So… Read more »

Our Terracotta Warriors Experience

If you a planning a visit to China then Xi’an is a must for your itinerary.  This is the home of the famous Terracotta Warriors. This was a highlight and an expensive treat given our time constraints, however I could not go to China and not see this amazing place.  I had asked others who had visited and they agreed it… Read more »

Want to kick start your day? Drink Lemon Water

Kickstart your day with lemon in water

It seems at the moment everywhere we turn, lemon in warm water is being promoted.  I have actually heard about this years ago however have never tried it.  Our personal trainer, recently suggested that a glass of lemon juice in warm water first up each morning can do wonders.  She advised drinking it and then waiting say 15 minutes before… Read more »

5 Top Health Checks for Men

Why is it that men are reluctant to make regular medical checkups a priority in their life?  Is it an ego thing? – “I’m fit, healthy and strong, I don’t need to go to the doctor”. Or maybe women’s health issues are much more publicized and focused on. Whatever the reason, regular health checks – apart from the normal visit… Read more »

Sizzling Towards Sixty Weekly Update #2

Welcome to Sizzling Towards Sixty Weekly Update #2 Another hectic week!  I hope you enjoyed my first newsletter last week and would love some feedback This week I was busy making a birthday cake for my grandson’s first birthday party. The result was pretty satisfying.  His birthday party was a nautical theme so I made a Sail Boat Cake.

Wednesday’s Wisdom #15

Wednesday’s Wisdom #15 time which I am very happy to be co-hosting so a huge welcome to everyone!.  This week has been hectic with celebrating my gorgeous grandson’s first birthday.  His party was a nautical theme so I made him a Sailing Boat Cake. On Sunday, it is Mother’s Day, a time to make Mum feel special.  Unfortunately, like a… Read more »

Anything Goes Link Up #3

Anything Goes Link Up # 3 – Welcome to another week and another Anything Goes Link Up.  We had some fabulous articles last week so see if yours was featured.  I had a busy week and celebrated my grandson’s first birthday.  I hope you have a great week and don’t forget share the link up so we can keep growing…. Read more »

4 Reasons Why You Need to Keep Hydrated Summer or Winter

We all know we need to drink water and keep hydrated in summer.  We sweat more in the heat and are probably more active.  As It is starts to get chilly and the cooler mornings are telling us winter is on its way, we tend to forget to keep up our water intake. We start going through our wardrobes and… Read more »

Wednesday’s Wisdom #14

I am delighted to be co-hosting this week’s Wednesday’s Wisdom #14 with Jen from Nanna’s Wisdom.  I’ve been having some R&R on the Gold Coast last week with my darling husband and am now refreshed and rearing to go. I do hope you link up and enjoy being part of Wednesday’s Wisdom.  I’d also love you to check out my… Read more »