Relax and create your own Gold Class Movie night at home

How to create a gold class movie night at home

Do you make time to relax at home with a Movie Night?  It is healthy to rest and relax our minds and bodies and take a break from reality watching a movie for a couple of hours.

That is why I’m including this post as part of my month of Health & Wellness program.

My favourites are usually drama but I also like something light hearted or a romcom.  I do watch an action one for my husband as he sits through romantic movies with me!

With the introduction of Netflix and Stan in Australia and other forms of streaming there are endless options.  You might want to watch a movie or maybe a Television series.  Some of my favourites are The Bletchly Circle, Designated Survivor and of course, anything similar to Downton Abbey.


Create your own Gold Class Movie Night at Home

I love going to Gold Class at the movies but it can be expensive.  You can create the same atmosphere at home and save money at the same time.  Here are some tips to get you started:

Set the mood

How to create a gold class movie night at home

Dim the lights, and find a cosy spot on the couch or favourite armchair in your comfiest clothes.  It is winter in Australia so cool evenings are quite conducive to snuggling up.  Perhaps light some scented candles and switch your smart phones to silent.

Prepare the refreshments

How to create a gold class movie night at home


Now if we were going to Gold Class at the Cinema I would order a glass of bubbly to start with some nibblies and then about half way through the movie some savoury food such as satay chicken skewers and a glass of red.  At home, we usually make an antipasto platter antipasto platter and enjoy a glass of red wine.  Of course, popcorn or other snacks are just as good – whatever you enjoy.

How to create a gold class movie night at home

Select your movie or movies if you are having a movie marathon

Make sure you have agreed on what movie or series you want to watch.  You don’t want to waste the night deciding on what to watch.

 Relax and Enjoy

How to create a gold class movie night at home

You have your mood set, the refreshments to hand and the movie ready to go.  All you have to do is click play then sit back, relax and enjoy.

Take a break from reality for a while – your mind and body will love you for it!


You can see from this image my list of movies I’d like to see and also how I create the Gold Class atmosphere.

Create your own gold class movie night at home

Although I’m not affiliated in any way with you might want to check out their selection of family friendly movies their current free trial on offer.

Do you have movie nights at home?  What do you do to make it special like Gold Class?


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16 thoughts on “Relax and create your own Gold Class Movie night at home

  1. Shirley Corder

    I love this idea. My husband and I watch something most evenings. (We watched the entire Downton Abbey one video at a time this way.) We normally have some sort of snack but that’s all. He purely watches. I make cards while I watch, with frequent “Pause for a second” pleas as I dash off to fetch some other tool or box of “stuff”.
    At the end of the evening, he switches off and goes to bed. I spend half-an-hour or more clearing up my mess!
    I think it’s time we had a “gold-class movie night”! Thanks for the idea. Review of Sean Young’s new suspense thriller.

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      Oh I love Downton Abbey Shirley!! I could watch the whole series in one sitting – a movie marathon. We don’t usually have anything but a small snack but if I’m making it a ‘Gold Class’ event it is nice to really go the extra and make it special. The only thing I couldn’t solve for you is the clean up afterwards LOL:) Have a great day and thanks for stopping by xx

  2. Debbie Harris

    Great ideas for a relaxing inexpensive night at home Sue! We love movies and are lucky to have a lovely little cinema in our town which is a cheaper version of gold class. It’s always a fun night and I try to get to the monthly movie club sessions where we see a random movie and have dinner while watching. I’ve just been to see Hidden Figures (again) and loved it.

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      I love the old cinemas Debbie but alas they are few and far between in Brisbane now. I haven’t seen Hidden Figures but I’m keen to see it, I’m sure I’d love it. Love the idea of the monthly movie club as well. Have a great Friday X

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      Hi Michele we don’t do movie nights regularly but this is what we do. We are pretty particular (or I am) as to what movies I watch. If they don’t grab me it is a waste of time. What movies do you enjoy?

  3. Jennifer

    My husband and I love going to the movies, but this looks like a fun alternative. I never thought to make an antipasto platter for movie night. But now I will.


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