Self Doubt – Don’t let it stand in your way

Self doubt



I think I’ve always suffered from self doubt.  The feeling of not being good enough.  I don’t believe I’m alone feeling this way, in fact, I believe everyone experiences self doubt.

It is your choice whether you choose to push through your feelings or succumb to them.

Even apparently self-confident people have self doubt from time to time, they have just learned to hide it.

When I was younger, I was riddled with self doubt.  I was very self conscious and self critical.  If I walked into a public area like a restaurant, I felt everyone was looking at me (although that sounds a little egotisical).  I just never felt good enough.

As I’ve grown older I have experienced life – some good and some not so good.  I look back on my life and realize that even though I had these feelings I did keep pushing through.  I ran a ballet school at 15 years of age with 200 pupils, I had a beautiful family, succeeded in several career changes, ran a marathon at 55 and now have this blog.

Of course, I still feel those nagging thoughts of self doubt but I have found the courage to overcome them and achieve what I had set out to do.

I recently attended my high school reunion and was worried at first that no one would remember me.  How foolish!  I nearly missed out on reconnecting with some wonderful women because of my fears.  It was a great night and I was so glad that I went.

Self doubt can be used in a positive way to help you succeed.  Instead of saying ‘I can’t do this’, try saying ‘I feel scared and uncomfortable but I’m going to try and give it my best shot’.

I’ve learnt that the worst thing in life is death so if you are scared to try because you might be embarrassed, remember that is not the worst thing that can happen.  If you don’t succeed, realize it will be yesterday’s news very quickly and take pride in the fact that you tried. Take it from me, I wasted 30 years not communicating with some people I love because I was embarrassed over some decisions I had made.  I faced that feeling and contacted them and it was like 30 years just faded away in an instant.

We have one shot at life so don’t sabotage your chance at a happy and fulfilled life by succumbing to your fears

Take them head on and you may just surprise yourself!  It is so liberating when you do.

So will you overcome or succumb to your self doubt?  What will you try to take you out of your comfort zone?


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17 thoughts on “Self Doubt – Don’t let it stand in your way

  1. [email protected]

    I am the queen of self doubt – I’m good at hiding it, but I spend a lot of time worrying about stuff that is a total waste of my day. I think I’m improving as I’m getting older and wiser so at least I’m heading in the right direction – great post Sue (visiting from the Friday Blog Booster)

    1. sue Post author

      You and I are very similar Leanne and it is a constant work in progress to overcome self-doubt. We can only but try and as you say we are improving as we become wiser. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Michele

    Hello, I think we all have self-image issues from time to time. Mine have gotten better with age and I worry less now about what other people think of me. I am happy to have found you through the Friday Blog Boost, we write about similar things. Michele

    1. sue Post author

      Hi Michelle! Thanks for your comments and I’m glad you found me as well. I will check out your page. Self-image is a problem we all face but you are right as we get older and wiser we become better at handling it.

  3. Kathleen

    Thanks for bringing this insightful post to Fridays Blog Booster Party#9. I love your thoughts of working through and not succumbing to self doubt.

    1. sue Post author

      Oh thank you Wendy! Its great to receive positive feedback to overcome that self-doubt. Have a lovely day!

  4. Debbie

    Maybe because I am always home these days and my recovery still has its ups and downs, I do have moments of self-doubt.
    I really have to push myself to do it anyways, otherwise I will be stuck.
    Sometimes, people around us project their own self-doubts in us and drag us down.
    Thank you so much for sharing it.

    1. sue Post author

      You are right about people around us project their self-doubt and dragging us down Deb. I need to push myself as well and I think most people do. It is whether you try to push through or not. Thanks for commenting and take care.

  5. jennifer Abel

    At times I appear so confident which I guess I am depending on what I am doing but I still doubt myself. Something we all need to do is back ourselves as “we can do”. Thanks for sharing on #wednesdayswisdom

    1. sue Post author

      We all do Jen and I think more so with our generation but we just keep trying. Thanks for the opportunity to cohost with you 🙂


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