Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself #3 – Reflection and Mindfulness

Sometimes life is just too busy and our minds become overloaded to the point where we just want to stop thinking. Problems weigh us down, we feel tired and find it difficult to cope.

Now of course we all have some issues in our life, but it is the way you handle them that is important. You can let them ‘drown’ you and overwhelm you or you can take some time out to breathe deeply and examine each problem separately.

Mindfulness – as a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

reflection and mindfulness

Having a positive mindset is so important to our health and well-being.

I know I’m not positive all the time, who is?

BUT if you try to focus on the positive – guess what? YOU WILL FEEL BETTER!

Reflection and Mindfulness

Taking time each day to reflect and be mindful makes us stop and focus on the positives in our lives.

Taking time to stop, be in the moment and appreciate is all part of keeping your Balance in life.


To rejuvenate ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually we need to take time out each day to ‘be in the moment’ and to ‘reflect on life’.  Reflection can also mean taking the time to consider what we don’t like about our life and what changes we would like to make.

In my post ‘B’ is for Balance – Why We Need It for a Healthier Lifestyle  I talk about Balancing our Mindset

To have a balanced, healthy and happy lifestyle you need to be balanced in your mindset. If you mind is overcrowded with the stresses of life, you can’t think clearly, let alone find or make the time for relaxing and enjoyment.

Try this exercise – Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and breathe deeply in and out for 5 minutes.  Try to clear your mind of all thoughts.  I know it is hard but if you persevere you will feel so much lighter.

You have the power to make changes you just need the courage and determination to make them happen.Click To Tweet

Go on – be in the moment – take 3 deep breaths now and see how you feel.

Next in the series will be….. #4 – Gratitude

Let’s Keep Sizzling!

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5 thoughts on “Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself #3 – Reflection and Mindfulness

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      I know Carol life just takes over sometimes or most of the time really but we do need to try to take some quiet time. Have a lovely day!

  1. Bren Pace

    Hi Sue,

    This is such an inspiring post. “Me-time”, as I call it, is essential to my well-being. Meditation helps to keep me grounded. But like Carol said, sometimes we are so busy with “life”, we forget to take time for ourselves.

    Thanks for this beautiful post. Have a great week ahead!


    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      I’m so pleased you found the post inspiring Bren that makes my day. You have a beautiful week as well and tanks for stopping by xx

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