Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself #6 – Enjoy your life

Part of rejuvenation is taking time to do things that YOU enjoy – and I don’t just mean hobbies. When I first started writing this post I was looking at it from the angle of leisure but there are so many facets of our lives that we need to consider – hobbies, career and relationships.  If we don’t enjoy any aspect of our life then we need to take steps to make CHANGES!

Change as we know is not easy and I’ve written about that before and ways we can make changes in our life.

Life gets stale – we get stale and fall into a rut.  So let’s talk about being in a rut ( I always think this is a strange word – anyhoo!)

How often do you hear people complaining about how boring their life is, how they have fallen into a rut or as I like to say ‘walking on the treadmill of life’?  Negativity surrounds us and it is easy to fall into the trap of just existing rather than living.  We feel listless and a lack of enthusiasm takes over or we feel that we need to be everything to everyone and put ourselves last on the enjoyment and satisfaction with life queue.

make changes

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I feel there are three key areas we should examine in our lives to bring happiness and rejuvenation.

#1 – You

Do you take time out to relax and do something for yourself?  It is easy especially if you are a mother to fall into the pattern of being a ‘martyr’ and saying ‘I don’t have time for ME’.  Well that is not true.  It might be difficult with a family but you can and should make time to do something you enjoy doing just for yourself.  Not because you partner wants you to do it, not because your family want you to do it BUT BECAUSE YOU ENJOY DOING SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF.

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Some of us enjoy hobbies and if you are looking for something new why not take the Hobsessment Quiz over at

#2 – Your Career

Have you been in  the same job for a while and are just going through the motions?  Each morning you get up and drag yourself off to a job that you don’t enjoy and spend your working day wishing you were somewhere else or doing something else.  I realise that many of us are in this position BUT…..

YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  You just need to make a plan and work towards it.

You might need to go back to study to get the job you really want or you might need to take a leap of faith and start that business you always wanted to.

We can all make excuses – no training, lack of jobs, money, the economy but if you really want something you need to GO FOR IT!

If you are really unhappy in your job YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF to find a way to change the situation.

#3 – Your relationship

Relationships whether it be with your partner or friends can certainly fall into a rut.  Same old, same old and sometimes it takes something dramatic like an affair or even illness where we may lose our loved one,  to wake us up.

Relationships take work and they aren’t one sided – if they are perhaps you should be looking at how much the relationship really means to you and if you should let it go.

I recently wrote a post about Friendships and How they affect our Health .  Toxic relationships and friendships can have a dramatic affect on our emotional and physical well being. Conversely, positive relationships and friendships enrich and enhance our lives.

So I leave you with four questions:

What are ways can you relax and unwind?

What do you enjoy doing? 

What type of relationships do you have in your life?

Do you need to make any changes to make sure you are enjoying your life to the max?

Let’s Keep Sizzling!

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19 thoughts on “Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself #6 – Enjoy your life

  1. Lisa

    Recently I’ve taken a new approach to my job. It’s paying off. I’m a single Mom (kids grown but not fully independent) so leaving my job is not an option. The new book Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World is the most recent thing to help spur this new zest for my job. I encourage others who cannot go out and do their own thing to do what you can to make your job “yours”–don’t get me wrong, I do not want a 24/7/365 rat race! Limit actually are part of my new approach. Ladies–we’ve “got” this! Test the boundaries, push the envelop–even if it is scaling back. Enjoy the new career you develop from doing so.

    Another exxcellent post!

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      Isn’t it great when you try something and it works to make you happier Lisa? Good for you and I’m so pleased you have found a new attitude to your job. It makes a world of difference. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

  2. Michelle

    Ruts are often very difficult to get out of. Sometimes it can be an emotional rut too. Those are the hardest to move forward from. You as always have motivated many to make changes where needed and live their best life.

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      Oh thank you Michelle for your lovely words of encouragement. I so needed to hear those today. We all have struggles and sometimes we just have to put our hand up and say ‘time out’ for a little while. Thank you for your friendship and support xx

  3. Cathy Lawdanski

    I didn’t realize what a rut I was in on my job until after I had to quit to take care of my dad. Now I know the signs and if this blogging gig ever gets stale, I’m moving on to something else!

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      I know Cathy I was the same way but I think as we get older sometimes fear stops us from moving forward. You have and are so positive with your blog I can’t see you ever getting stale! Have a great week my friend. xx

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      Exactly Lois. We all have our problems we just need to get over ourselves and as you say practice gratitude. Most of us have many things to be grateful for. Thanks for the words of encouragement and have a great day!

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      Oh yes! I don’t have enough of those Rebecca. Thanks for stoopping by and have a great day – maybe including a massage LOL:)

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      Oh Michele that sounds divine! Life at the moment prevents us from taking a real vacation and I can’t wait until I do. We really need a total break from our life don’t we and the only way is to take a vacation. Enjoy!

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      Hi Linda! Yes it is hard sometimes to push ourselves out of the rut. This morning I felt really down so got stuck into the vacuuming, did some work and now ready for a PT session. I’m feeling better already. Have a great week Linda 🙂

  4. Beverly

    Great post, we all get into ruts and they are hard to break, but we need to keep trying. Life is good, so enjoy it, because we never know.

    1. Sue Loncaric Post author

      Perfectly said Bev, we never know what will happen so it is all about living and enjoying the moment. Have a beautiful day. xx

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