Spring Cleaning Your Health & Fitness Challenge – Why We Are Doing This

Sizzling Towards Sixty(12)This month, Mike (my darling husband) and I are taking up the challenge and spring cleaning our health & fitness.

Last month in Sizzling Towards 60,  we took on the challenge of exercising for 30 minutes x 5 times per week.

Now we want to continue that but also include looking at our food choices and eating ‘clean’.‘Clean Eating’ is certainly a buzz word at the moment however it really is just a way of saying I’m not going to diet I’m going to cut down on the processed foods as much as possible and make healthier food choices.

Our aim is to make changes which will become a lifestyle.

  [bctt tweet=”It is not a DIET it is a lifestyle choice! “]

We both want to be Sizzling way past 60 and it is never to late to overhaul your eating and fitness.

Each week I’ll be giving you an update with how we are going.  The problems we have faced and the progress we have made.

I’ll also be going alcohol free for the month which may prove a little more challenging.  I don’t mind giving up my chocolate but I do enjoy a glass of red so we will see how I go.

We will be weighing in, taking measurements, blood sugar and blood pressure.  As I said IT IS NOT A DIET

Wish us luck!

First up…..‘What is Clean Eating?’ Find out in my next post….


Let’s Keep Sizzling!

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2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Your Health & Fitness Challenge – Why We Are Doing This

    1. sue Post author

      Yes well we have gone off the track in Week 2. No excuse but we lost a dear friend and my brother is seriously ill. So it has been hard to focus on anything really.


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