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Interview for Monica Bruno – Too late to start running?

too old to run?

I’ve been a member of the Have Your Cupcake (HYC) group for about six months now and have made some wonderful blogging friends.  They are women who are taking life with both hands, at any age and doing something that has been a dream for some time. This week, I was honoured to be interviewed by a member of HYC, … Read more »

Age Is Just A Number – No Matter What Age You Are

Live your life and forget your age

This quote says it all. I truly believe that life is what you make it.   As the saying goes ‘age is just a number’. There are some very ‘young’ and inspiring 80 year olds (which is what I’m aiming to be) and equally there are some of us in their 30s, 40s and 50s who feel old and unfulfilled.