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What I learned from 26 Days of AtoZ Blogging Challenge

a to z survivor challenge

When my friend Leanne, from Cresting the Hill told me about the April AtoZ Blogging Challenge I had mixed feelings.  I’m always up for a challenge but 26 days of blogging using the alphabet was a little daunting.  My mind was racing as I wondered if I could keep up the pace, what would I write about, what theme would… Read more »

‘H is for Health & Happiness’ – Why You Need Both

'H' is for health and happiness

Health and Happiness – two things that we strive for to make our lives complete.  Yes, I know that some would argue that you don’t necessarily need both – you can be happy or you can be healthy but for me, I honestly believe the two go ‘hand in hand’.  As the Dalai Lama says: “Happiness is the Highest form… Read more »

‘F’ is for Friendship – How Our Friendships Affect Our Health

'F' is for Friendship

  Friendship is an important part of life.  Our friends are there to support us, love us and have fun with us.  I personally believe that it is the QUALITY of our FRIENDSHIPS rather than the QUANTITY that is important.  When we are young we feel we need to be surrounded by many friends, we are judged by the number… Read more »

‘E’ is for Exercise – How to find 30 minutes each day

E is for Exercise

We know that exercise is good for us but sometimes life gets in the way and we make the excuse we are too busy.  A couple of days go without being active, then that turns into weeks and before long we can’t remember the last time we actually did a workout. Can you remember how great you felt when you… Read more »

‘D’ is for Diet – Why Fad Diets don’t work long term

D is for Diet

When I was a teenager I struggled with weight and was constantly on a diet of some kind or another.  There was always some new diet to try which guaranteed you would look like a super model in JUST 7 DAYS!!!! Now I know better – although there are still diet fads that pop up in our social media, magazines… Read more »

‘B’ is for Balance – Why We Need it for a Healthy Lifestyle

B is for Balance

Life is Busy – that is a fact of life these days!  Technology, work, family, friends, even retirement is busy and it seems to be the #1 problem that we face in our lives.  We are overworked, stressed and anxious about all manner of things and with stress and anxiety our health can suffer. How do we find Balance at… Read more »

‘A’ is for Attitude, Action and Achievement

'A' is for Attitude

To make the most of life and achieve your dreams you need to have the right ATTITUDE.  As Winston Churchill says ‘ Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference’.  We all know that we have days where we wake up and we aren’t quite as bright-eyed and busy tailed as we would like. The day can then… Read more »

#atozchallenge My A to Z Guide to a Healthier, Happier You!

  In April, I am participating in the 2016 Blogging from A to Z Challenge!  My friend, Leanne, from Cresting the Hill told me about it so we are both going to give it a try. It will require commitment as we need to post something for 26 days, each day based on the alphabet and following a theme. Today… Read more »