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Happy 1st Birthday to my Sizzling Towards 60 Blog!

Sizzling Towards 60 First Birthday

Well I made it AND I nearly missed it!  My blog Sizzling Towards 60 is celebrating it’s first birthday!  Although I think the term is ‘Blogiversary’ in blogging terms. I can’t believe I have been blogging for one year and like most bloggers probably felt like it has been 10 years!!!! LOL:) Celebrate with me as I look back at… Read more »

How to Avoid the Top Stressors that Push Bloggers’ Buttons

How to Avoid the Top Stressors that push Bloggers' Buttons

Blogging should be fun and creative, a way to share our stories, perhaps encourage and motivate others.  Well that is what the text books would have us believe and that is what Bloggers are trying to convince themselves that this is what they are doing.  I think we are all fooling ourselves! The more I read blogger comments in various… Read more »

Want to Increase Your Blog Reach By Just Pressing Publish?

One of the most frequent problems bloggers have is TIME!  It is not enough just to write the blog post, you then have to get it out into cyberspace and promote it through social media and other avenues like link ups and blog parties.  This all takes time especially if you have to comment on other posts in linkups etc…. Read more »