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5 ways to increase your daily veggie intake

5 ways to increase your daily veggie intake

You may have read my previous posts and know that I am making June my month of Health & Wellness.  That means looking at my overall health through exercise, diet and mental health.  So far for the month, I’ve outlined what my approach will be and given you a general idea.  In this post I would like to look at… Read more »

Tired of dieting? 3 Reasons You Need to Stop Dieting today

Reasons to stop dieting

    Are you tired of constantly dieting and not getting any results?  I hope you are sitting down when you read this BUT You need to stop the diet today to be healthier and happier. The word ‘diet’ has become synonymous with losing weight and we obsess about how much we weigh and what we can and can’t eat. … Read more »

How to Achieve a Healthy Weight Range


  In a previous post, I wrote about Why You Need to know what a Healthy Weight Range is and the health risks associated with being overweight.  If you missed it, CLICK HERE. So we know ‘Why’  and now I’m going to discuss How you can achieve and maintain it. How  to achieve a healthy weight range? CLICK HERE DOWNLOAD… Read more »

Is Your Food Aging You Prematurely? Anti-Aging Diet

Anti aging foods

We are all looking for the elixir to keep looking youthful but really we have it already.  A good balanced diet does wonders for our skin and can slow down the aging process.  Personally, I don’t mind my wrinkles and laughter lines because it shows the story of my life.  However, I do like to be HEALTHY and I truly… Read more »

Osteoporosis – Ways to maintain bone strength

Osteoporosis Ways to Maintain Bone Strength

Just because we age doesn’t mean we will suffer from Osteoporosis even if your bone density test shows risk.  There are ways to maintain bone strength and reduce the risk of Osteoporosis. It is never too early to start and the Mayo Clinic suggests that our bones peak density is in our 30’s.  So what do we do if we… Read more »

What is an Acai Bowl?

What is an Acai Bowl?

Last weekend I ran in a 10km fun run – The Bridge to Brisbane.  I ran with my lovely daughter and one of my Saturday Sisters, Caz.  After our fun runs we usually treat ourselves to a breakfast and a catch up.  This time, the girls introduced me to the Acai Bowl – I’d only heard of these recently and… Read more »

Time to Get Physical – Exercise and Diet for Midlife & Beyond

Time to Get Physical – Exercise and Diet for Midlife & Beyond" rel="bookmark" >
Midlife Health Matters

  In my ‘August – The Month of Midlife Matters’ series which is published on the Millers’ ‘The Seeing Me Project, , I have discussed making Choices and Health Checks we should be having regularly. Now it is time to Get Physical and look at Exercise and Diet for Midlife & Beyond. Most us would remember Olivia Newton-John’s hit back… Read more »

What is an Anti-Inflammatory Diet? Could you benefit from one?

What is an Anti-Inflammatory Diet? Could you benefit from one?" rel="bookmark" >
Anti-inflammatory diet

I recently saw the results of an Australian Study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, which indicated that eating an anti-inflammatory diet could reduce depression in midlife. Depression does not discriminate and can affect anyone.  In midlife depression can be caused by the affect of mood swings experienced in menopause, fear of growing older, feeling trapped caring for an… Read more »

How to have a Healthy Attitude in Midlife

Healthy Attitude to Midlife

Having a healthy attitude in Midlife is so important if we want to enjoy this wonderful phase of life.  This week, I would love to introduce to you another guest writer in my Midlife Matters series, Michelle from Grammie Time. Michelle is the picture of fitness, leading an active life and running after her adorable grandchildren.  In her article, Michelle… Read more »

Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself #1 – Make healthier food choices

#1 Make Healthier Food Choices

I think the most important part of rejuvenating ourselves starts from the inside. Eating a well balanced diet and making healthier food choices will start to make our bodies feel good and provide the energy to undertake a complete rejuvenation.  How often do we see healthy people and think they look great? Their hair is shiny and skin is clear… Read more »

Type 2 Diabetes – Are you at risk?

Type 2 Diabetes

Could you be suffering from Diabetes Type 2? Type 2 is the most common form of diabetes, and usually affects older adults.  However, there are increasing numbers of younger people and even children who are developing Type 2 Diabetes.  Type 2 is increasing at the fastest rate and accounts for 85% of all diabetes (Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational).   It is also… Read more »

Celebrate Cancer Survivor Day & Educate Yourself – You may just save your life

Cancer survivor day

Unfortunately, most people have been touched in some way by the dreaded ‘C’ – Cancer.  You may be a survivor or you may have had family or friends affected or even taken by this dreadful disease.  Young or old, cancer does not discriminate. For me, Cancer is very personal as I lost my mother, father and brother to various forms… Read more »