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How to give yourself the best chance to avoid a heart attack

heart health

  Do you have a healthy Heart?  Could you be at risk of a heart attack or stroke? According to The Heart Foundation, “Cardiovascular Disease is a major cause of death in Australia, with 43,603 deaths attributed to CVD in Australia in 2013. Cardiovascular disease kills one Australian every 12 minutes.” Cardiovascular disease is heart attack, stroke and blood vessel diseases. The figures… Read more »

‘W’ is for Wellbeing – A Holistic approach to health

W is for wellness

Wellbeing – what does it mean? ‘The state of being comfortable, healthy and happy’ Throughout the 26 Day A-Z Guide to a Healthier, Happier Lifestyle, there has been a constant theme of total wellness and wellbeing.  Being healthy is not just health in the physical sense, but we also need to take care of our mental health and spiritual health…. Read more »

‘D’ is for Diet – Why Fad Diets don’t work long term

D is for Diet

When I was a teenager I struggled with weight and was constantly on a diet of some kind or another.  There was always some new diet to try which guaranteed you would look like a super model in JUST 7 DAYS!!!! Now I know better – although there are still diet fads that pop up in our social media, magazines… Read more »

FREE 26 Day Transformation – A to Z Guide to a Healthier, Happier You!

26 day challenge a-z

    Welcome to My A to Z Guide to a Healthier, Happier You! Will you give yourself the gift of time for 26 days to transform  your life to a healthier, happier version of You? You deserve it AND best of all it is FREE! To me, Health and Happiness go ‘hand-in-hand’.  I don’t believe you can have one… Read more »

#atozchallenge My A to Z Guide to a Healthier, Happier You!

  In April, I am participating in the 2016 Blogging from A to Z Challenge!  My friend, Leanne, from Cresting the Hill told me about it so we are both going to give it a try. It will require commitment as we need to post something for 26 days, each day based on the alphabet and following a theme. Today… Read more »

How to Know if you have an Iron deficiency & What to Do about it

Need more Iron?

Are you feeling tired and a general lack of energy?  You could be deficient in Iron.  Iron is an important mineral and one of it’s jobs is to transport oxygen in the red blood cells.  If you don’t have enough iron you body can’t make enough red blood cells and you can become anaemic. Do you know that 70% of… Read more »

Spring Cleaning Your Health & Fitness Challenge – Why We Are Doing This

This month, Mike (my darling husband) and I are taking up the challenge and spring cleaning our health & fitness. Last month in Sizzling Towards 60,  we took on the challenge of exercising for 30 minutes x 5 times per week. Now we want to continue that but also include looking at our food choices and eating ‘clean’.

5 Quick & Easy Ways to Reduce your Sugar Intake TODAY

How much sugar do you consume each day?  You would be surprised and shocked at the sugar level contained in processed food which is sitting on our supermarket shelves.  Do you know that in Australia the average daily sugar intake is 40 teaspoons?  Try sitting down and eating 40 teaspoons of sugar and see how you feel. We have been concentrating so… Read more »

10 Steps to A New Improved You – Part 1

In my previous post Diet is A Dirty Word – we learnt that dieting, especially ‘fad’ diets is a quick fix for weight loss but certainly not sustainable as a lifestyle choice.  Remember that I also said you need to remove the ‘D’ word from your vocabulary and replace it with the daily mantra ‘I will lead a fit and healthy lifestyle’ …. Read more »

Why you need to have your blood pressure checked today!

Blood pressure

  Had your blood pressure checked lately?   You don’t have to be over 45 to check your Blood Pressure. Hypertension can be a silent killer as we don’t even know we have it.  Read why you need to have your blood pressure checked today. If left unchecked, high blood pressure can have irreversible damage to the heart and kidneys… Read more »

Time to Get Healthy so You can Sizzle!

  February 16 – 22 is Australia’s Healthy Weight Week an “initiative of the Dietician Association of Australia, raising awareness of the importance of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle’.  Check out the link as they have a wealth of information on attaining a Healthy Weight. The key word here is Healthy.

Diet is a Dirty Word!

Diet is a dirty word

How many diets have you tried?  Since high school I’ve tried every fad diet that is going.  There was the Israeli Army diet, the Atkins Diet, the 30 Days and you will be a supermodel diet, the list goes on.  Today we have the arguments for and against Paleo, Shakes, Low Carb, No Carb, Carb loading…. You have tried all… Read more »