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Maybe it’s time to press the reset button on your life.

time to press the reset button life.

It is almost halfway through the year and although I was determined not to make New Year Resolutions I concede that we all have dreams and goals we want to achieve.  However, life is busy and we can easily get caught on the ‘treadmill of life’. I was having a Personal Training session and my trainer told me to ‘set… Read more »

‘C’ is for Comfort Zone – Time to Break Out & Challenge Yourself

C is for Comfort Zone

  Are you stuck in a rut? Do you fear change? Most of us would answer ‘YES’ to these two questions.  Life is like that – ESPECIALLY AT MIDLIFE, where we have been juggling different roles such as wife, mother, employee, or even the boss. However, it isn’t just at midlife at we can fall into our ‘comfort zone’. At… Read more »