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My Top 5 Life Hacks for Happier, Healthier Life

5 top life hacks

Do you struggle to get through everything in a day and find that there is NO TIME FOR YOU or YOUR HEALTH? In this week’s #FridayReflections, (a FB Blogging group I belong to), one of the writing prompts asked:  “What are your top life hacks?” . Now call me slow, but I still didn’t get where the word ‘hacks’ came… Read more »

Health Checks Every Women 40+ Should Have

Health Checks for Women that could save your life

When was the last time you had a general health check  with your GP?  Are you looking after yourself and your health?  Do you have a family medical history of cancer, diabetes, or heart disease? We certainly make sure our family has regular medical and dental checkups but tend to put that on the never-ending ‘to do’ list when it… Read more »