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Top 5 Benefits of Regular Exercise

Benefits of Regular Exercise

We all know that exercise is good for us, right?  We know that it is great for us physically, that is a given, but more importantly, regular exercise brings benefits to our whole being. Regular exercise is so important for not just our Physical health but our Mental and Spiritual Health.

Menopause – What is Happening To Me?

Menopause series Part 1

Are you showing signs of menopause?  The hot flushes, night sweats, hormones all over the place – sound familiar? I am honoured to bring you a 5 Week Series on Menopause by Dr Catherine Hansen, who specializes in Women’s Health, in particular peri and post-menopausal women. As Dr Hansen says: “My approach to Health Care promotes personal happiness by targeting… Read more »

Declutter Your Mind – It’s good for the Soul!

Declutter your mind

On the weekend I looked at my dressing table and thought what a mess!  We divide our times between looking after my husband’s parents and then going to a new home on the Coast.  Life takes over and things pile up and the poor dressing table becomes a dumping ground. You know the feeling there is always one place in… Read more »

13 Ways to Keep Your Fitness on Track in Winter


Have you kept your Fitness in Winter on track? It is the middle of Winter and most people are finding it difficult to face the cold weather or perhaps even snow, to keep their exercise and fitness routine going. I was recently asked to write a guest post for Robin Follette’s website about tips on keeping fit during the winter… Read more »

My Top 6 Tips to Stay Healthy in Winter

6 ways to keep healthy in winter

I love winter, it is a time to snuggle up in front of a cozy fire with a good book or maybe you still like to get outdoors even though it is cold. Of course the shorter days and cold mornings, make it difficult to get up and go! Winter is also the season for cold and flu! It is… Read more »

Health Checks Every Women 40+ Should Have

Health Checks for Women that could save your life

When was the last time you had a general health check  with your GP?  Are you looking after yourself and your health?  Do you have a family medical history of cancer, diabetes, or heart disease? We certainly make sure our family has regular medical and dental checkups but tend to put that on the never-ending ‘to do’ list when it… Read more »

Finding Balance As You Navigate MidLife

5 Ways to Achieve Balance in Your Life

Like most people, my life can become hectic – even in retirement – and it is sometimes so easy to lose sight of what is important in our lives.  Life takes over, we are tossed back and forth like flotsam on the ocean and it is enough just to survive another day. We forget how to enjoy life and those… Read more »

What’s Your Plan? #couchpotatotofabfit community

What's Your Plan?

What a great response to Sizzling Towards 60’s new #couchpotatotofabfit community!!! I know that we can make great progress together, keeping each other accountable, supporting and learning from each other as we strive to live a healthier life in 2016. This community is not about running marathons it is about SIMPLY WORKING to be a HEALTHIER YOU in 2016! 

Join the #couchpotatotofabfit Community 2016

couchpotatotofabfit community

Welcome to 2016!   Have you made any resolutions for this year? Do you want to lose weight?  Exercise more? Eat healthier? Determined to find your 6 pack – you know it is there somewhere! Maybe you want to just take the 10,000 step challenge? If you have made resolutions, STOP right now! Think about it!

Why you need to slow down and live the life you want NOW!

Never Get Too Busy

  I just had a text from a friend who wanted us to join them for breakfast tomorrow or lunch today.  I couldn’t make either dates and they said ‘we thought you two were meant to be retired’.  Well we are; but life is busy and I’m loving every minute of it! The difference is, I’m making the choices as… Read more »

How to be Healthy & Still Enjoy the Festive Season

How to Stay Healthy during the Festive Season

The Festive Season is once again looming and our calendars are starting to fill with parties, lunches, dinners and brunches.  It is difficult not to get caught up and forget about the hard work we have put in during the year to lose weight or eat healthy and look after our well-being. We should be able to enjoy ourselves shouldn’t… Read more »