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How to Select the Right Foundation Makeup for You

Have you had foundation disasters where the foundation wasn’t blended evenly and you looked like you were wearing a mask which stopped at the jaw line?  Maybe the colour was wrong and your face looked to tanned for the rest of your body. Part of my 10 Steps to A New Improved You is starting with diet and exercise and… Read more »

Want to be Pampered? How to Make a Day Spa at Home

Who doesn’t like to be pampered and take some time out for themselves?  Going to a Day Spa is a luxury which some of us can’t afford on a regular basis.  I am always thrilled if I receive a voucher for a massage or facial as a little pampering goes a long way.  It doesn’t matter what age we are,… Read more »

Walk Your Way To Fitness – Intermediate

Walking your way to fitness Intermediate

In my previous article Walk Your Way To Fitness I wrote about how to start a walking program.  Now that you have been walking for a while and can reach 30 minutes brisk walking without too much huffing and puffing, you need to mix it up a bit to avoid boredom and also to keep challenging yourself.

10 Steps to A New Improved You – Change

Welcome to Part 2 of 10 Steps to a New Improved You!  Before we move onto the second part of this series let’s recap what we have learned so far. In my previous post Diet is A Dirty Word – we learnt that dieting, especially ‘fad’ diets is a quick fix for weight loss but certainly not sustainable as a lifestyle choice. … Read more »

Walk Your Way to Fitness

Walk Your Way to Fitness

Most of my readers know that I love running as part of my health and fitness routine.  I’m not a natural runner, however I do like this form of exercise.  You don’t need to be an Olympian or a Marathon runner to keep fit and healthy.  Walking is a great form of exercise which has many health benefits, it doesn’t cost… Read more »

How to Relieve Restless Leg Syndrome

How do you relieve restless legs? Do you suffer from leg cramps or restless, ‘twitchy’ legs especially at night? As a runner, I regularly suffer from this and it can be frustrating and annoying.  I look forward to hopping into bed, especially in the cooler months and relaxing.  Five minutes later and the dreaded restless legs start and relaxation and… Read more »

Why you need to have your blood pressure checked today!

Blood pressure

  Had your blood pressure checked lately?   You don’t have to be over 45 to check your Blood Pressure. Hypertension can be a silent killer as we don’t even know we have it.  Read why you need to have your blood pressure checked today. If left unchecked, high blood pressure can have irreversible damage to the heart and kidneys… Read more »