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8 Things that should be in Your Travel Folder

It is holiday time, you have been planning for months and as the day of departure draws closer excitement starts to build.  I love travelling and still get a thrill going to the airport – especially if it is the International terminal. However, before you get caught up in the ‘holiday mood’ you need to make sure you have packed… Read more »

Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself #8 – Plan a short getaway

Simple Wasy to Rejuvenate yourself #8 Plan a short getaway

If life is getting you down or is starting to overwhelm you a great way to rejuvenate yourself is to plan a short getaway. Removing yourself from the ‘everyday’ cycle helps to lift your mood almost instantly. We all need to take holidays but sometimes we just don’t have the time or the finances to take a long break.  However,… Read more »

10 Ways To Banish Stress From Your Life

Stress busters for life

Feeling stressed?  Of course you are!  Whether you have stress from your job, family or life in general none of us are immune to being stressed. Stress can rob us of our happiness and contentment in life and life is too short not to be happy and contented.  Stress can also be self-imposed so just be kind to yourself and… Read more »

Want to be healthy? Take a Holiday

  Want to be healthy? Take a holiday. When was the last time you took a holiday?  No, not just a long weekend but a decent break of two weeks or more. Gap years are becoming more popular with students before they commence the next stage of higher education study or their career.  They can explore the world, work as volunteers… Read more »