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Find a swing and release your inner child

Somewhere a swing is missing you

  One of the options for this week’s Friday Reflections was to write about a chosen image. I look at this image of the swing and it brings back so many happy memories of my childhood.  Countless afternoons spent playing on my swing, singing at the top of my lungs (my poor neighbours).  Each afternoon after school I would come… Read more »

‘I’ is for Inner Child – The health benefits of releasing your inner child

inner child

When was the last time you really had FUN? Fun like you had when you were a child.   That innocent, simple enjoyment we experienced as children when using our imagination took us to new worlds. What about the simple joy of watching a sunset or stopping to appreciate a rainbow? Alas, we grow up and life takes over – responsibility… Read more »

Isn’t it Time You Embraced Your Inner Child?

Embrace your inner child

Have you seen the Colouring Books that are supposedly the ‘latest thing’ in relieving stress?  I used to adore colouring-in as a child and was so pleased when my ‘Secret Santa’ gave me a Colouring Book and pencils for Christmas.  I love sitting down with my grandchildren, colouring in, keeping within the lines and for a short time we are… Read more »