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How showing kindness improves your health & wellness

Recently my Mother-in-Law’s Aged Care Home held a mini fete to raise funds for Downs and West Community Appeal run by the Sisters of Charity. There was feverish activity over the last few months as residents formed a committee, organised the day and made items to be sold. The staff at Marycrest are wonderful and try to include as many… Read more »

10 Benefits of Showing Kindness – Why not try?

10 Benefits of showing kindness

It is World Kindness Day today and although I think it is great to encourage kindness, I feel sad that we have to have a dedicated day to remind people to be kind. Often we have seen in social media ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ and I recently read a post about ‘Non-Random Acts of Kindness’ by Britty at Ever So… Read more »