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Thursday Thoughts: What did I get up to in June? A sentence a day June

a sentence a day

June is here and it is winter in Australia, although living in Queensland we have clear blue skies and sunny days. I started the challenge of writing a sentence a day back in April and also continued in May.  If you missed my posts for April and May you can read them here  A sentence a day On the first… Read more »

A writing challenge: A sentence a day for May

a sentence a day

Can you believe it is May?  It only seemed like yesterday I was putting up the Christmas decorations! For the month of April I took the challenge of writing a sentence a day and now I’ve decided to try it again for May.  If you missed my post for April you can read it at A writing challenge: A sentence… Read more »

Meaningful Mondays: Happiness starts with you

Happiness starts with you

Happiness starts with you Did you know that? MAY has been my month to focus on happiness and what I’ve reminded myself is that Happiness cannot come from material things, or from other people. It is up to ME because long term happiness comes from within and the choices we make. Widipedia defines Happiness as: Happiness is a mental or… Read more »

A writing challenge: A sentence a day for April

a sentence a day

For the month of April I took the challenge of writing a sentence a day. I read a post by Jodie from Jtouchofstyle about writing a sentence a day and she introduced me to Leslie from Once Upon a time happily ever after . On the first week of each month, we link our posts up and can read what… Read more »

Midlife Matters – 5 Quotes to Take back control of your life

Quotes to Take back control

In an earlier post I wrote about 6 Ways to take back control of your life.  We can all become busy and feel that life is just one big rollercoaster ride, but we also have the power to control our life or to accept what is out of our control. I’d love to share with you 5 quotes which will… Read more »

6 ways to take back control of your life

take back control of your life

  ‘I am so busy’, ‘sorry, too busy’, ‘I never have time for myself’, ‘I feel guilty I don’t have enough time to spend with the children or grandchildren’ Can you relate to any of these statements?  I know I can and you know what?  We only have ourselves to blame.  Instead of taking control of our life we are… Read more »

Riding the Waves of Life

It’s been a very tough month!  I’ve lost a close friend, my brother and I have been ill for most of the month.  So I’ve been indulging in some ‘self pity’, something I really hate doing, but you know what?  Life can be too hard sometimes! My cousin gave me a quote and reading it I realised it really does… Read more »

Happiness My #100happydays Challenge

Be happy

  I recently saw on friend’s facebook page that they were taking up the #100happydays challenge.  (Find out more about the #100happydays challenge) The month of October has been a very difficult one for me which was reflected in my lack of motivation and enthusiasm. We lost a dear family friend (my husband had known her for 60 years) and… Read more »

When Life Gives You Lemons Its Your Choice What You Do With Them

  ‘When Life Gives You Lemons – Make Lemonade –  And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.” – Ron White I’ve heard the first part of this quotation but never the part about vodka!  What does this quotation really mean to me? We know that Lemons can taste sour and we scrunch… Read more »

Why We All Need a Mental Health Day

Why We Need A Mental Health Day

When I left one of my jobs, I left with $15,000 worth of sick leave accrued (unfortunately not paid out). Yes – that’s a lot of sick leave not taken over a 10 year period. Back then, my attitude was that if you weren’t ready to be admitted to hospital you packed your tissues and Panadol and took your germs… Read more »

Inspirational People – Not Celebrities – Everyday People Like You & Me

When we say someone is inspirational what do we mean? http://www.yourdictionary.com/inspirational defines the adjective inspirational as “The definition of inspirational is a person or thing that motivates mentally or emotionally. An example of inspirational is Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech.” For me, an inspirational person doesn’t have to be famous or have celebrity. We are surrounded… Read more »

Making New Friends – Why It might be difficult

I wrote earlier today on Friendship and why Friends are an important part of life.  We all have friends, some of us still have lifelong friends from childhood or early teens.  However, as I mentioned in my article there are some friendships that only last a certain period of time. Making new friends can be difficult.