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Midlife brings new meaning to your life

midlife brings new meaning to your life

This week for Meaningful Mondays, I asked 5 of my favourite blogging friends to tell me what they felt brought meaning to their lives.  Five women over 50 all enjoying midlife and beyond with lives that are rich, not in money terms necessarily, but in being happy and content with their lives. If you missed the post, you can read… Read more »

Take a Midlife Self-Discovery Tour and Challenge Yourself

midlife self-discovery

In my ‘August – the Month of Midlife Matters’ series for Millers – Seeing Me Project, I have discussed making Choices, regular Health Checks, Exercise and Diet. Now we are ready to really find out what makes you tick and what you can do to challenge yourself to get out of that Comfort Zone! For years you may have been… Read more »

Time to Get Physical – Exercise and Diet for Midlife & Beyond

Time to Get Physical – Exercise and Diet for Midlife & Beyond" rel="bookmark" >
Midlife Health Matters

  In my ‘August – The Month of Midlife Matters’ series which is published on the Millers’ ‘The Seeing Me Project, , I have discussed making Choices and Health Checks we should be having regularly. Now it is time to Get Physical and look at Exercise and Diet for Midlife & Beyond. Most us would remember Olivia Newton-John’s hit back… Read more »

Health Matters – Keeping a check on your health in Midlife

In my first article on Midlife Matters, I wrote about making a choice between being a trail blazer or treading water in your comfort zone.  You can click here to read the article if you missed it. In the second article of the series, I would like to discuss, keeping a check on your health in Midlife and the top… Read more »

Midlife Matters – How I Climbed Ben Nevis at 68

How I climbed Ben Nevis at 68

Next in my Midlife Matters series, I would like to introduce you to my friend, Chris Hallett. Chris has just completed the challenge of climbing the highest mountain in Scotland – Ben Nevis at Sizzling 68 years young! Chris is also our first Member of the Month in my #couchpotatotofabfit Facebook group and deservedly so.     When Chris is… Read more »

Midlife Matters Series – Finding the extraordinary in your everyday ordinary

Finding the extraordinary in ordinary

My next guest writer for my Midlife Matters series is Wendy from The Art of “Why Not”?  I met Wendy through a blogging group and she and I just clicked although we live half a world away from each other.  I love Wendy’s attitude to life and also where she came up with the name for her blog.  You can… Read more »

My Midlife Career Change – Be Adventurous

Our next guest writer in my Midlife Matters series is Rev Crouse from Hobsess.com. Rev is all about crossing things off her bucket list and encouraging us all to do the same. Her website’s tagline is ‘Where Hobbies Meet Obsessions’ and provides a wealth of information from how to find a hobby, to interviews with experts and loads of other inspirational… Read more »

Be Brave & Be Open

Sizzling Towards Sixty Be Brave and Be Open

In my MIdlife Matters series, I introduced you to Terri Webster -Schrandt from Second Wind Leisure Perspectives, an active midlife woman, passionate about us all having a healthy leisure time. This week I am delighted to introduce our next guest, Cathy Lawdanski from My Side of 50.  I met Cathy through blogging and we share the same values and ideas… Read more »

Why Play is Important: Connecting the Dots with Leisure

Let children play

Last week I wrote about How Midlife does not have to be a crisis but rather it can be a positive experience if we have the right attitude.  I also mentioned that I would be introducing women experiencing midlife and I’m delighted to have introduce our first guest, Terri Webster Schrandt from Second Wind Leisure Perspectives. Terri is a women… Read more »

Don’t focus on your Age – Just get on with the business of living

don't focus on age

  I was honoured recently to be interviewed by Maggie Sloan an artist who lives in the US. Maggie has a website Mockingbirds at Midnight and is a very talented lady and paints beautiful watercolours. Her ‘About Me’ page opens with ‘I paint portraits, landscapes, and anything else. I love to tell stories. I play traditional Irish music.’ So when… Read more »