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Midlife Mental Health -The Benefits of Mindfulness

Benefits of mindfulness and mental health

Do you find yourself often in a state of existing on ‘auto-pilot’?  Doing things without even realising you are doing them? When we are stressed or anxious or depressed or just wanting to cope with everyday life, the practice of being mindful can help. What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is based on Buddhist meditation principles and has been used in treatment… Read more »

How Exercise Improves Your Mental Health

Most of us accept that to keep physically fit and healthy we need to exercise regularly.  However, regular exercise will also improve our mental health and wellbeing and can reduce depression, stress and anxiety. How exercise improves your mental health and wellbeing When we exercise our brain releases the ‘happy hormone’ endorphins.  After exercise you are feeling a natural ‘high’… Read more »

Become Your Own Menopause Health Advocate!

Menopause be a health advocate

How are you managing your Menopause?  Are you informed or do you feel like you are muddling through and just trying to survive hot flushes, mood swings and feeling blue? I’m very excited and honoured to introduce my guest writer, Ellen Dolgen.  Ellen is on a mission to help women survive menopause and as you will see in her Bio… Read more »

What is Eccentric Training? Why you should do it

Why you should do it" rel="bookmark" >
Eccentric training

Have you heard of Eccentric Training?  No, I don’t mean quirky or unconventional behaviour but rather a style of strength training.   Last week, Mike and I had our usual weekly P.T. session with our lovely trainer, Nikki.  It is always a surprise as to what we will be doing which keeps us on our toes and also interested. When… Read more »

How to Overcome Loneliness in Midlife

loneliness in midlife

In my previous post ‘Facing Life Alone in Midlife’ I discussed the overwhelming feeling of loss and grief with the death of a spouse/partner, a relationship breakdown and divorce.  I wrote about taking time to go through the process until you are ready to accept and move on with your life.  If you missed the post you can click here…. Read more »

Why are we still so obsessed with body image in midlife?

Body image in midlife

Body image in Midlife is still a problem for a surprising number of women!  A study published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders revealed that 62% of women suggested that their weight and body image had a negative impact on their lives. 1,849 women from across the United States took part in the study “Body Image in Women 50… Read more »

Midlife Matters: Do you really need to reinvent yourself?

Midlife Reinvent yourself

I’ve just written my last article in for Millers, Seeing Me Project – August the month of Midlife Matters.  Over the last five weeks, I’ve written about how to make Choices in our life, what Health Checks we need in Midlife, Exercise and Diet.  We have taken a Self-Discovery Tour and found ways to Challenge ourselves out of our Comfort… Read more »

The Power of Gratitude

the Power of Gratitude

Gratitude – we have read so much about this lately and I’ve written about it before. In my opinion, one problem when a topic starts trending, is that there are so many articles and courses that spring up from everywhere that we either lose interest or get ‘sucked’ into paying money for courses that do not live up to our… Read more »

Take a Midlife Self-Discovery Tour and Challenge Yourself

  In my ‘August – the Month of Midlife Matters’ series for Millers – Seeing Me Project, I have discussed making Choices, regular Health Checks, Exercise and Diet. Now we are ready to really find out what makes you tick and what you can do to challenge yourself to get out of that Comfort Zone! For years you may have… Read more »

Time to Get Physical – Exercise and Diet for Midlife & Beyond

Time to Get Physical – Exercise and Diet for Midlife & Beyond" rel="bookmark" >
Midlife Health Matters

  In my ‘August – The Month of Midlife Matters’ series which is published on the Millers’ ‘The Seeing Me Project, , I have discussed making Choices and Health Checks we should be having regularly. Now it is time to Get Physical and look at Exercise and Diet for Midlife & Beyond. Most us would remember Olivia Newton-John’s hit back… Read more »

What is an Anti-Inflammatory Diet? Could you benefit from one?

What is an Anti-Inflammatory Diet? Could you benefit from one?" rel="bookmark" >
Anti-inflammatory diet

I recently saw the results of an Australian Study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, which indicated that eating an anti-inflammatory diet could reduce depression in midlife. Depression does not discriminate and can affect anyone.  In midlife depression can be caused by the affect of mood swings experienced in menopause, fear of growing older, feeling trapped caring for an… Read more »

Health Matters – Keeping a check on your health in Midlife

In my first article on Midlife Matters, I wrote about making a choice between being a trail blazer or treading water in your comfort zone.  You can click here to read the article if you missed it. In the second article of the series, I would like to discuss, keeping a check on your health in Midlife and the top… Read more »