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Positive Aging – Nutrition for Over 50s

Nutrition for over 50s

  Part of positive aging is maintaining good health and well being is adopting an eating lifestyle that provides good nutrition.  What we eat as we age is vital to not only good physical health but also our mental health. I recently completed a course through FutureLearn.com ‘Strategies for Successful Aging’ and one area discussed was Nutrition for Healthy Aging… Read more »

Do you really know how much you eat? Why you should keep a food diary

I recently started a 5 week online course through Futurelearn.com.  It is about Nutrition and Wellness and is conducted through the University of Aberdeen.  Now I realise 3 hours each week for 5 weeks will not make me an expert.  However, I’ve always been interested in health and well-being and when I saw this course I thought ‘Why Not?’. Week… Read more »

Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself #1 – Make healthier food choices

#1 Make Healthier Food Choices

I think the most important part of rejuvenating ourselves starts from the inside. Eating a well balanced diet and making healthier food choices will start to make our bodies feel good and provide the energy to undertake a complete rejuvenation.  How often do we see healthy people and think they look great? Their hair is shiny and skin is clear… Read more »