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Friday Favourites: Revisiting ways to be fit, fabulous, healthier and happier

  Fit, fabulous, healthier and happier.  I’m sure that is what we all strive for to enjoy life in our retirement. Want to feel at the top of your game and enjoy life? I’ve focused on health and wellness for the whole of June and I hope you have been inspired, learned something new and feel motivated to improve your… Read more »

Fit & Fabulous Good Posture – Why it is vital for Good Health

good posture

Do you ever watch ‘period dramas’ such as Pride and Prejudice or more recently Downton Abbey?  Everyone, men and women, held themselves so straight, with head high and shoulders back.  It was an important part of the social graces and girls were trained for hours in the art of deportment. These days with more of us sitting longer hunched over… Read more »

Osteoporosis – Exercises to build bone strength & balance

Osteoporosis Exercises to build bone strength & balance

In the final of my Osteoporosis series I look at exercises that will help to build bone strength, balance and muscle mass.  Our bones become brittle and less dense as we age but we can improve this with regular and specific exercises. Why include Strength & Balance Workouts? I have previously written several posts on Strength Training, The Importance of… Read more »

What you should be eating to reduce the risk of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis Foods to Prevent the Risk

Although Osteoporosis is known as the silent disease because there are no symptoms, it doesn’t mean you can’t try to prevent it.  Apart from exercising there are vitamins and minerals found in our foods which can assist in improving bone strength.  There are also some that we should avoid. What foods should I include in my diet? Foods that contain… Read more »

Osteoporosis – Ways to maintain bone strength

Osteoporosis Ways to Maintain Bone Strength

Just because we age doesn’t mean we will suffer from Osteoporosis even if your bone density test shows risk.  There are ways to maintain bone strength and reduce the risk of Osteoporosis. It is never too early to start and the Mayo Clinic suggests that our bones peak density is in our 30’s.  So what do we do if we… Read more »

Osteoporosis – What it means to you in Midlife & Beyond

Fit Fabulous Healthier Happier

  October 20 is World Osteoporosis Day and a time to remind us about maintaining good bone health, especially from Midlife. Each day for the next 5 days I will be posting information and tips on how Osteoporosis is diagnosed, ways to maintain strong bones, foods that may help to prevent Osteoporosis why balance & strength training should be included… Read more »