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Midlife Matters Series – Finding the extraordinary in your everyday ordinary

Finding the extraordinary in ordinary

My next guest writer for my Midlife Matters series is Wendy from The Art of “Why Not”?  I met Wendy through a blogging group and she and I just clicked although we live half a world away from each other.  I love Wendy’s attitude to life and also where she came up with the name for her blog.  You can… Read more »

Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself #6 – Enjoy your life

midlife matters enjoy your life

Part of rejuvenation is taking time to do things that YOU enjoy – and I don’t just mean hobbies. When I first started writing this post I was looking at it from the angle of leisure but there are so many facets of our lives that we need to consider – hobbies, career and relationships.  If we don’t enjoy any… Read more »

What is the Best Mother’s Day Gift You Can Give?

Mother's Day

    For the last few months I have been to be writing articles for ‘The Seeing Me Project’ a great initiative set up by Millers Fashion.  Millers is a leading Australian fashion retailer and the aim of ‘The Seeing Me Project’ is to encourage and provide a voice for women 40+. The Woman of Midlife has much to offer… Read more »

‘F’ is for Friendship – How Our Friendships Affect Our Health

'F' is for Friendship

  Friendship is an important part of life.  Our friends are there to support us, love us and have fun with us.  I personally believe that it is the QUALITY of our FRIENDSHIPS rather than the QUANTITY that is important.  When we are young we feel we need to be surrounded by many friends, we are judged by the number… Read more »

6 Ways to De-Stress in 30 minutes


It’s been one of those days or weeks!  Everyone wants something from you, nothing seems to be going right and you are feeling like you are JUST OVER IT!  All you want to do is escape from the world and try to relax.  Does that sound familiar? We sometimes make excuses that we don’t have time and with families it… Read more »

Bringing the Romance Back – Over 50 Style

Valentine's day bring back the romance

Well Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us and the usual cards, flowers and gifts will keep retailers happy! But do we need a reason to celebrate our love? I always thought that Valentine’s Day was actually a bit of a ‘gimmick’ and it shouldn’t just be one day a year that we show our loved one how much we care…. Read more »

How To Ensure Your Relationship Survives Your Retirement

Will your relationshiop survive retirement

Planning your retirement should cover all areas of your life.  We tend to think about our financial independence and how much we will need for a comfortable retirement.  However, little thought is put into our relationship with our partner and how it may be affected by retirement. We are generally healthier and living longer. Retirement, especially if you have retired… Read more »

Don’t leave important words unsaid

Life is short

I’ve taken this week’s #FridayReflections writing prompt to look at a photograph.  I had cause to look at some old photographs during the week and the memories came flooding back. We all make choices in our lives – some good and some not so good. When it comes down to it though, ‘Life is Short, there is no time to… Read more »

Why It Is Important To Have Time Away From The Kids

5 Ways to Nurture Your Relationship

You and your partner would love some ‘kids free’ time but feel guilty – Right? Well there is no reason to feel guilty about nurturing your relationship. Just because we have children doesn’t mean that if we want some time away from them, we don’t love them.  Remember the kids grow up and start to lead their own lives and… Read more »

Self Doubt – Don’t let it stand in your way

self doubt

    I think I’ve always suffered from self doubt.  The feeling of not being good enough.  I don’t believe I’m alone feeling this way, in fact, I believe everyone experiences self doubt. It is your choice whether you choose to push through your feelings or succumb to them. Even apparently self-confident people have self doubt from time to time,… Read more »

Give Yourself a Break! Wonder Woman doesn’t exist in the real world

I was pondering what to write about this week when I came across a book in my office “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Women” by Kristine Carlson.  I had been given this book a couple of years ago and had just flicked through it at the time because I was busy trying to be Wonder Woman! Oh yes we… Read more »

Why we need to be selfish – Sometimes

I know, we have all been taught to think of others and not to be selfish. Well I think it is time for someone to say that it is okay to be selfish SOMETIMES, and that person is me! Before you start jumping up and down and saying we need to be selfless and think of others – I totally agree!