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How having a purpose in life is the key to Health & Happiness in Retirement

I WAS RECENTLY ASKED TO CONTRIBUTE A POST TO RETIREMENT AND GOOD LIVING I would love you to visit the site and check out my post.  At the same time you might want to read some of the other articles.  If you could leave a comment there, I would greatly appreciate it. HERE IS A LITTLE TEASER FROM THAT POST:… Read more »

Why Midlife doesn’t have to be a crisis!

Why midlife doesn't have to be a crisis

According to the Oxford English Dictionary middle age is between 45–65. “The period between early adulthood and old age, usually considered as the years from about 45 to 65.” Personally, I believe Age should not be a motivating factor in how we live our life.  Most of us are living longer and find that we are reaching middle age and… Read more »

Time to Follow Your Dreams – Retiring to Another Country Pt2

Retiring to another country 2

  Last week we met Gigi Whitford who had retired to France with her husband.  I hope you enjoyed reading about her experience as much as I did.  I’m packing my bags now! This week in Part 2 of Retiring to Another Country, Gigi explains how she coped with learning a new language and also outlines her 10 top tips… Read more »

Don’t Let Your Family Sabotage Your Retirement Years

Do you have a family? Are they ruining your retirement? Are you sabotaging your own retirement because of the family? Over the last week I have seen two media presentations which made me stop and think about this subject. 

Is Your Future Retirement Plan Financially Fit?

Financially Fit in Retirement

I’ve written about being Mentally Fit and Physically Fit in Retirement but will your Retirement be Financially Fit? You need to start planning now and not wait until you have retired – then it will be too late! Most of us don’t really thing about our future financial situation in retirement.  We work to pay off the mortgage, educate the… Read more »

Why You Need to be Physically Fit BEFORE You Retire

Be Physcially Fit Before You Retire

It is never too late to start some for of exercise and improve your health and fitness levels.  After you hit 50 it is even more important to build a fitness base and make sure you are fit, active and healthy so you can enjoy your future retirement years. We are all living longer and I know I want to enjoy those… Read more »

6 Ways To Make Sure You Are Rejuvenated When You Retire

It is a fact of life that we are living longer.  The number of posts to facebook showing people in their 80s, 90s and even over 100 being active and enjoying life to the fullest has increased.  We see older people running marathons, achieving university degrees and looking years younger than their actual age.  What is their secret?

Why You Need to Prepare Your Mind for Retirement.

prepare your mind for retirement

In Australia, the Government is looking at raising the retirement age to 70, however for our generation some are looking towards early retirement. Early retirement sounds great! No working, you can do as you please, you are free to do all that you have wanted to do but haven’t had the time. Sounds good – doesn’t it? However, early retirement… Read more »