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Self Awareness: 10 simple ways to be kinder to yourself – starting today

10 simple ways to be kinder to yourself today

Did you read my 4 quotes to encourage You to be kinder to yourself ? No? Then do yourself a favour and take five minutes to read these quotes which will hopefully inspire you to start treating yourself with more respect and kindness.  We spend time showing kindness to others but usually come up short when being kind to ourselves…. Read more »

Self Awareness: 4 Quotes to encourage You to be kinder to yourself

Quotes be kind to yourself

Want to know why you aren’t feeling fit and fabulous? Perhaps you are too busy being there for everyone but not taking the time to be kind to yourself? Whatever the reason, you need to make time for YOU to nourish your mind, body and soul.  Part of total well being is taking the time to nurture yourself. You can… Read more »

6 Ways to Love Yourself Today

love yourself

  ‘Love is all around us and so the feeling grows’ as the words of the famous song go.  BUT and it is a big BUT are you loving you?  In my previous post, I wrote about Love and why you should love yourself first. No it isn’t selfish, it is paramount to your health and happiness. Not feeling the… Read more »

Love and why you should love yourself first.

      Valentine’s Day is upon us and thoughts turn to love and especially the love of and for our partner.  However, I want to talk about a more important kind of love – Self-Love.  Appreciating who we are and loving the person we are. Just over a year ago I wrote a post ‘How Learning to Love Yourself… Read more »

‘X’ is X-Factor – Do you have it? YES YOU DO!

x factor

  When I think of the X-Factor the television series pops into my mind.  The contestants are all vying for the position of who has the ‘X- Factor’, the ‘Wow factor’ that makes us sit up and take notice of them.  I’m talking about that certain pizazz that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes us special and individual. Most of… Read more »

‘Q’ is for Question – How asking questions builds self-confidence

  Let’s look at our inner strength, build self-confidence and self love. Are you someone who questions?  Someone who doesn’t accept things on face value but rather delves deeper to find the answer? Unfortunately, most of us aren’t this way and if you are then CONGRATULATIONS! Having the ability to question is so important for our health and well-being.  However… Read more »

Learning to Accept a Compliment – You are worth it!

learning to accept a compliment

A friend of mine, Gigi Whitford who is has a beautiful website A Warm Hello alerted me to the fact that March 1 is World Compliment Day!  It is supposed to be the Most Positive Day in the World. Like other world, international or national days I’m always torn.  On one hand I love the fact that there are days… Read more »

How Learning To Love Yourself Will Make You A Better Person

  Why do most women feel that we are never good enough?  If we can’t like and love ourselves how can we reach our full potential and be the best we can be? Learning to love yourself will make you a better person for not only you but your family and friends.  As the words of the famous Whitney Houston… Read more »