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‘S’ is for Stretching – The Importance of being flexible especially in midlife


Are you sitting down while reading this?  Okay, stand up and gently raise your arms up and S-T-R-E-T-C-H!  Feels good doesn’t it? Did you know that ‘sitting is the new smoking’?  Meaning it can be just as damaging to our health to sit for long periods of time as it is to smoke! Society has changed and we are leading… Read more »

5 surprising things I learned from 30 days of Stretching

What I learned 30 day stretching

  Well we did it!  Let’s celebrate completing our ’30 days to a More Flexible You‘ Challenge.  When I started the challenge at the beginning of the month I couldn’t touch my toes and that was my goal!  My P.T. Nikki Wakerley, is always promoting the importance of stretching. I love the 15 – 20 minutes at the end of… Read more »

The No 1 Stretch to Start Your Day

As part of our 30 days to a More Flexible You Challenge, we are all trying to stretch for at least 10 minutes each day for 30 days.  Seems easy right?  However, some of us are not quite as flexible as others and we suffer from lower back pain and vulnerability. Do you wake up stiff and sore, especially in… Read more »

30 Days To A More Flexible You Challenge

30 day stretching

Hello Sizzlers! This Month’s challenge in #couchpotatotofabfit is about to start! Most of us don’t realise the importance of DAILY STRETCHING to increase our flexibility.  As we age we start to lose our strength and flexibility however, it is surprising how we can regain our flexibility by stretching for a few minutes each day. Join our 30 days To A… Read more »

6 Lower Back Stretches & Exercises to Start Your Day


Lower Back pain can be a pain in the neck!  I know because I have lower back problems. Do you suffer from lower back pain and find it difficult to get out of bed?   I’ve had lower back pain for a number of years and only recently started visiting an Osteopath.  This has been the best thing I have… Read more »

Why It is Important to Have Fitness Recovery Days

Recovery Rest Nurture

Starting a new fitness program can be exciting and challenging.  You are inspired to start training and may even have chosen an event as a goal to train for.  Exercise and fitness is important to our health and well being, however, learning to listen to our bodies and include recovery days into our program are equally important. Below I’ve listed… Read more »

12 Daily Stretches to Improve Flexibility

12 daily stretches

Stretching is SO IMPORTANT, however, most of us don’t give this part of our exercise program the respect it deserves. These basic stretches will improve flexibility and help you avoid injury.  If you aren’t sure of what to do, book a session with a Personal Trainer, Physiotherapist or Osteopath who can show you the correct techniques. You should set aside… Read more »