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5 Women Over 50 share their favourite health & wellness tips

5 Women over 50 share their tips on health and wellness

  I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS POST! I’ve written much about health and wellness for Over 50s and this week I’d love to introduce 5 ladies who are definitely Sizzling!  I asked each of them to share their favourite health & wellness tips as part of my Health & Wellness Month for June. I’ve been fortunate to meet these… Read more »

Fit & Fabulous: 3 reasons why you should enter a Fun Run or Walk

3 reasons to enter a fun run or walk

Want to get fit and also help a worthy cause? Then you should enter a fun run or walk. Remember you don’t have to run YOU CAN JUST WALK, GET FIT AND HAVE FUN. Most people associate Fun Runs with having to run and run long distances. However, this isn’t necessarily the case.  Whilst, there are those who enter because… Read more »

Easy ways to reach 10,000 steps each day

6 easy ways to reach 10,000 steps

Well the first week of Steptember is completed and I’ve learned a few things about Steps!  Firstly, it surprisingly doesn’t take too much effort to achieve the 10,000 steps as long as you are active.  Being active and moving is the key. Of course, some days you are going to be less active but if you can achieve being active… Read more »

I’m Stepping out for Steptember


It is almost September and Springtime in Australia!   When I was looking for a monthly fitness challenge for myself and the #couchpotatotofabfit Facebook Group I came across ‘Steptember’. Perfect! Exercise and raising money for Cerebral Palsy. The idea of Steptember is to walk 10,000 steps for 28 days straight. That seems like a lot of steps, but it is amazing… Read more »

Stadium Stomp Conquering 5,000 stairs – One Step at a Time

Sue at the Stadium Stomp Gabba

If I told you I spent Sunday morning running around a Stadium with 5,000 stairs you would probably say I was crazy.  But that is exactly what we did. The Stadium Stomp  is described on their website as: Stadium Stomp, also known as the ultimate stair climbing challenge, is a unique event that sets you on a stair climbing course… Read more »

Walk Your Way to Fitness – Advanced Level

Walk Your Way to Fitness Advanced

In my previous articles Walk Your Way To Fitness Beginner Level & Walk Your Way to Fitness Intermediate Level, I wrote about how to start a walking program and then moving to the Intermediate level.  This post assumes that you have conquered the Intermediate level and are looking for more – perhaps even a little jogging.

Walk Your Way To Fitness – Intermediate

Walking your way to fitness Intermediate

In my previous article Walk Your Way To Fitness I wrote about how to start a walking program.  Now that you have been walking for a while and can reach 30 minutes brisk walking without too much huffing and puffing, you need to mix it up a bit to avoid boredom and also to keep challenging yourself.

Walk Your Way to Fitness

Walk Your Way to Fitness

Most of my readers know that I love running as part of my health and fitness routine.  I’m not a natural runner, however I do like this form of exercise.  You don’t need to be an Olympian or a Marathon runner to keep fit and healthy.  Walking is a great form of exercise which has many health benefits, it doesn’t cost… Read more »