Blogger Recognition Award – I was nominated!

Untitled design (2)I was pleasantly surprised when Michelle from Grammie Time nominated me for The Blogger Recognition Award.

I appreciate Michelle for following and reading my blog.  Michelle always leaves a meaningful comment and it is like hearing from an old friend.  I am grateful to you Michelle for nominating me for this award.  Receiving recognition like this is a great boost to motivation and confidence and I feel very honoured.

Now awards like these are mainly to encourage other bloggers and while I was writing this I thought of how difficult it was to find my way when I first started blogging.

I wanted to use this opportunity to give new bloggers my perspective on what I experienced when I first starting blogging.

How My Blog Started

I started my blog early 2015.  I had taken early retirement to spend time with my husband a couple of years earlier, however, after working all my adult life it was quite difficult to adjust to this new life. You can read more about me and why I’m Sizzling Towards 60 on my website

Advice To New Bloggers –

Now I am probably considered new to blogging as I started 8 months ago.  However my best advice would be to GO FOR IT!  I had the idea in my mind and just didn’t have the confidence, then one day I just organized the hosting, built a website and posted my first blog!

It was exhilarating and frightening at the same time but looking back now, I am so glad I did it.

Here Are My 6 Top Tips to New Bloggers

1. Go for It

You have an idea and aren’t sure or confident about taking it to the next level and going public. Face your fears and do it for yourself. You might say “What if no-one reads it?”  Well it won’t be the end of the world however you will be pleasantly surprised that people will read it!.

[bctt tweet=”Have faith in yourself!”]

2. Respect Your Readers

  • Make sure you write from the heart and connect with your readers.
  • Always reply to the comments you receive with a genuine reply.  People aren’t stupid they know if you really appreciate it or not.

3. Find A Mentor & Learn, Learn, Learn

I have several wonderful bloggers that I have met who have guided me through all the paths of blogging.  When I started I didn’t even know there were link up parties and free courses you can do.

I have also found a great course through Daniela Uslan.  She has some great ideas – free too!  I especially like her blog makeover challenge and there is plenty more information and information at her website – Have Your Cupcake.

4. Build Relationships with other bloggers – Get Noticed!

  • Link up your posts to link up parties  Make sure you comment on other posts and don’t just link up and run.
  • Join Facebook Groups for Bloggers – I have found other bloggers have been so supportive and if I ask a question I am sure to receive an answer to help me.
  • Post to Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram – you need to have a presence and build a following and a network.
  • Follow others on Social Media and you will soon find they are following you.

5. Quality over Quantity any day 

Quality over Quantity any day – Don’t rush a blog post because you feel you need to get one posted!!  The quality will not be up to standard.  People may forgive you at first but if you don’t put the effort in it will show.

[bctt tweet=”Quality over Quantity is one of the most important blogging tips to remember.”]

 6. Be Patient

This is the hardest part of blogging.  You won’t be able to achieve everything in your first week but if you put the effort and time in you will see results.

*My Nominees

My Nominees for the Blogger Recognition Award come from various backgrounds.  Some have been blogging for a number of years and others are newbies.  I believe this Blogger Recognition Award should recognize all bloggers for their contribution and also for the support they have given me.

I would encourage you to check out these blogs which are all special in their own way.

Therefore, I would like to nominate:-

Jebbica – Jebbica’s World Health & Fitness

Kathleen – 60-thenew40

Marilyn – Marilyn’s Treats

Jennifer –Nanna’s Wisdom

Mackenzie – Reflections From Me

Debbie –  Coach Debbie Runs

Leanne – Cresting The Hill

Amy – Busy Boys Brigade

Sandy – Sandy’s POV

Joanne – What’s On The List

Debbie – Debbie In Shape

Terri – Perspectives On

Janine – Reflections From A Redhead

Corinne – Everyday Gyaan

Kirsten – Treat Yourself Sweeter

Here are the rules:

  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Attach the award to the post.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give a piece of advice or two to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them & provide a link to the award post you created (you cannot nominate yourself or the person who has nominated you).

* It is not compulsory for you to participate in this, however, I did want to recognise your talent, your contributions and support which I value greatly.


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20 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award – I was nominated!

  1. Ingrid @ Fabulous and Fun Life

    Congratulations on this Blogger Recognition Award! Having only discovered your blog in the past couple of months I didn’t realise your blog was relatively so new! I thought you’d been blogging for years, your blog seems so polished and established! 🙂

    1. sue Post author

      Oh thank you so much Ingrid you have made my day! I have recently taken the plunge to revamp my website but am still learning. I’m so pleased you enjoy my posts and appreciate you taking the time to comment on my nomination. Have a lovely day!

    1. sue Post author

      Thank you Mackenzie! You always encourage me and I do enjoy your posts and also participating in #FridayReflections. It is people like you that make me feel good about what I’m trying to achieve.

  2. Michelle

    Enjoyed reading this and you have great tips. I’m still learning right along side of you. Great advice for every blogger no matter what season they are in. I nominated Marilyn too! She is a gem. Her recipes, yum!!

  3. [email protected]

    I hadn’t realized you were as new to blogging as I am Sue – we have certainly been on the journey together! Thanks for the nomination and I will do my best to follow in your footsteps of excellence! Leanne xx

    1. sue Post author

      Hi Leanne! Yes only a few months but learning all the time. I learn from you and your approach and hopefully others can learn from me. Thanks for your continued support.

  4. Jennifer Abel

    Sue thank you so much for your nomination of me! You have covered this post beautifully and you are an amazing lady that I cannot wait to meet in person one day. I used to live in your area and have many friends in the state so I must return soon . Thank you once again and happy blogging!

    1. sue Post author

      Yes I ‘d love to meet you as well Jen. We talk so often virtually it would be lovely. You have been very supportive and I enjoy co-hosting #WednesdaysWisdom with you. Take care and thank you for your lovely words.

  5. Kathleen

    Thank you Sue for the honor of being nominated for this award. Thanks for the very good blogger tips, we never stop learning. You have grown in your knowledge and application so very well, I am privileged to have known you for about 6 months now. You always encourage like a friend and I appreciate that so much.
    Kind regards,

    1. sue Post author

      Oh thank you Kathleen! You have been a great influence on my and I’m lucky to have found you. I’d love to meet in person one day and who knows maybe at a blogging conference!!!

    1. sue Post author

      Oh thank you Linda! I’m glad you found me too! I love your recipes that you post on my #Anythinggoes linkup and #WednesdaysWisdom linkup. They are always so tempting. Thank you for your lovely words and have a great day!

  6. Terri Webster Schrandt

    Gosh, sue, I am humbled to be nominated with these other great bloggers! I know how hard you work with hosting link parties and I love participating and supporting these (as you have with mine!) Congrats on your award and for the excellent post!

    1. sue Post author

      You deserve it Terri. I have found you to be one of my greatest supporters. I admire your blog and have gained so much information from you that you deserve to be recognised.

  7. Debbie

    Thank you so much for the honor, Sue!
    I’ll be posting about it the next days and I’ll let you know it once its published.
    Thanks a lot for thinking about me.

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