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December 2015

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3 Steps to Achieving Your Dream

December 31, 2015

We all have dreams and there is no reason why we can’t work towards making our dreams a reality especially during midlife.  Midlife brings many positives and one in particular is more time to pursue our dreams. I’d like to introduce you to someone who has achieved her dream of becoming an author.  Toni Pike has just published her first book – The Magus Covenant and in this post she shares with us the steps she took to making her…

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Over the Moon LInk Up
Over the Moon Link Party

Over the Moon Link Up #3

Well we are into Christmas week but we still have time for one more #OvertheMoon link up.  May I take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for Christmas and may 2016 be filled with peace, love and happiness for you and…

December 21, 2015
My Aussie Christmas
Discover Yourself Festive Season

My Aussie Christmas

The Festive Season in Australia in the 21st Century, means sun, sand, beach and cricket!  We are well into Summer when we celebrate Christmas and the New Year and it is the longest of the school holidays. For many years, we ate the traditional…

December 16, 2015
finding me
Discover Yourself

8 things I Learned About Myself This Year

When I read the writing prompts in #FridayReflections, the one that stood out to me was “Reflect back on 2015 – the highs and lows, the good and the not so good, the surprises and changes.” This year has been a roller coaster ride…

December 11, 2015
You can change
Discover Yourself

Why You Should Forget New Year Resolutions

It is almost the end of another year and we are all scrambling to be ready for the Festive Season. I love this time of year! I enjoy everything about the preparations, putting up the tree, decorating, baking, having family and friends together. It…

December 9, 2015
Change and improve
Discover Yourself

9 Easy Ways to Change & Improve Your Life

CHANGE can be difficult but also empowering.  Sometimes we fear change but if we open our minds change can be wonderful and exciting.  We usually don’t change unless we are forced to, however the winds of change blow through our life and sometimes we…

December 4, 2015