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July 2016

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Stadium Stomp Conquering 5,000 stairs – One Step at a Time

July 30, 2016
Sue at the Stadium Stomp Gabba

If I told you I spent Sunday morning running around a Stadium with 5,000 stairs you would probably say I was crazy.  But that is exactly what we did. The Stadium Stomp  is described on their website as: Stadium Stomp, also known as the ultimate stair climbing challenge, is a unique event that sets you on a stair climbing course within very large sporting stadiums. Participants climb up, down and around the stairs within the stadium bays, traversing literally thousands…

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over the Moon link up
Over the Moon Link Party

Over the Moon LInk Up #33

Welcome to the Over The Moon Link Party #33   Welcome to the Over the Moon Link Party!  You can link up any family friendly posts without profanity. Have a post you want to give more reach? Need some comments or shares? Want a post that’s close…

July 25, 2016