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Walking your ‘I AM’ path

July 5, 2020
The importance of 'I AM' Affirmations

‘I’m not this’, ‘I’m not that’ . We all have that negative voice, our mean girl, in our head who consistently tries to pull us down. She eats away at our self-confidence and prevents us from moving forward in our life. I’ve written often about the ‘mean girl’ who tries to take over the conversation in our heads, so I was interested to learn of ‘I Am’ statements as a way to combat negative thoughts. I first discovered ‘I Am’…

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Midlife Share the Love Party 127
Midlife Share the Love Party

Midlife Share the Love Party -123

Thank you for your continuing support with the group and I look forward to Wednesdays to read your latest contributions.Before we start, please read the guidelines so that you understand the focus of the party. WE ARE TRYING TO FOSTER A SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY SO…

July 1, 2020
Becoming your own best friend
Over 50s Lifestyle YouTube

Becoming your own best friend

Why do we find it difficult to treat ourselves with the same kindness that we show others? Kindness is something that we all need in our lives especially in the world today, with so much anger, stress and anxiety? Last week in the Women…

June 26, 2020
Winter Fashion 2020
Fashion Over 50s Lifestyle

Winter Fashion 2020

Winter has arrived in Australia however many of us have not been thinking of fashion as we stay at home in isolation dressed in clothing more for comfort than style. Restrictions are starting to lift and I asked Christine Blundell from Savvy Style at…

June 25, 2020