Can People Thrive After Cancer?

TweetShare11Pin11 SharesCancer is a word that strikes fear into most of us when we hear it.  My next guest, Denyse Whelan has spent the last 18 months taking on this battle and coming through the other side stronger and more determined.  I’ve known Denyse, for quite a while now.  Another Aussie blogger and former teacher who is a constant source of inspiration to me and many others.  I look forward to her Instagram daily fashion photos and she is produces beautiful mandela creations.  I never knew what a mandela was until I met Denyse!  Through it all Denyse always had a smile. I’m delighted to have Denyse as part of my Over 50 & Thriving series as she writes about her experience and how she is now thriving after cancer.  You can also connect with this amazing woman through her website and social media links at the end of her post. Can People Thrive After Cancer Being on the receiving end of a cancer diagnosis is a shock and it brings uncertainty, concern and a lot of questions that do not always have answers. I know this because that is how I reacted to the news, over the phone, on … Continue reading Can People Thrive After Cancer?